Earth in Context: Pangea Proof

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  1. Who is Alfred Wegener?
    German meteorologist and polar explorer
  2. Who wrote The origins of the Continents and Oceans in 1915?
    Alfred Wegener
  3. What was introduced in the book The Origins of the Continents and Oceans?
    It introduced that the theory of Pangaea (super continent) and continental drift.
  4. What is the Continental Drift?
    The land masses slowly move breaking apart from Pangea
  5. What are the glacial evidence?
    evidence of late Paleozoic glaciers found on 5 continents could only be explained if they were broken off from Pangaea
  6. What is the paleoclimatic evidence?
    Wegner predicted some rock from continents came from Pangea climate belt
  7. What are the fossil evidence?
    identical fossils found on widely separated land masses
  8. Matching geologic units
    distinctive rock assemblages and mountains belts match across Atlantic
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