Earth in Context cont.

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  1. What is Paleomagnetism?
    • -orientation of magnetic field at the time a rock formed
    • -the scientific data that confirms plate tectonics
  2. What creates the earth magnetic field?
    • -the rotation f liquid iron(Fe) core (outer core)
    • -similar to bar magnet
  3. What is the geographic poles?
    poles about which the earth rotates
  4. What is the magnetic pole?
    • -where a compass needle points
    • -moves constantly within 1500km of north pole
  5. What is magnetic declination?
    What does it affect?
    What is the present declination?
    • -the angle between geologic and magnetic north
    • -it affects the compass north
    • -presently 11 degrees away from true(geologic) north
  6. What is magnetic inclination?
    Where is the inclination at 0 degrees?
    Where is the inclination at 90 degrees?
    • -the angle between magnetic field line and Earth's surface
    • -0 degrees at the equator
    • -90 degrees at the pole
  7. What is the mineral that magnetize rocks at it's formation?
    What are the 2 types of rocks magnetize at it formation?
    • - magnetite
    • -volcanic rock (basalt) and sedimentary rock
  8. What is (1)magnetic declination and (2)magnetic inclination?
    • 1.) the angle between campus north and true north
    • 2.) the angle between field line and earth surface
  9. What is the polar-wander path?
    the path continents moved through time
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