Ch 10 Part 3

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  1. 4 types of soft tissue
    • Epithelial
    • Connective
    • Muscle
    • Nerve
  2. Epithelial
    Skin, vessel, organ lining
  3. Connective
    Tendons, ligaments, cartilage, fat, blood, bone
  4. Muscle
    Skeletal, smooth, cardiac
  5. Nerve
    Brain, spinal cord, nerves
  6. Soft tissue adaptations
    • Metaplasia
    • Dysplasia
    • Hyperplasia
    • Atrophy
    • Hyperplasia
  7. Metaplasia
    Transformation of from one tissue to another
  8. Dysplasia
    Abnormal development of tissue
  9. Hyperplasia
    Excessive proliferation of tissue in normal arrangement
  10. Atrophy
    Decrease in tissue size bc cell death
  11. Hypertrophy
    Increase size of tissue w/o increase in cell number
  12. Cartilage healing
    • Limited blood supply (little healing)
    • Variable healing bc of chondrocyte and matrix disruption
    • Failure of clotting in articular cartilage
    • Normal healing with subchrondral bone
  13. Ligament healing
    • Normal healing if have proper care
    • Includes random laying down of collagen and with maturation realigns to stresses
    • Full healing – 12months
  14. Factors that affect connective tissue healing
    • Surgical repaired ligaments stronger bc less scar formation
    • Intra-articular tears have synovial fluid preventing clotting
    • Exercised ligaments stronger
    • Muscles must be strengthened to reinforce joint
  15. Skeletal muscle healing
    • Bleeding followed by proliferation of ground substance and fibroblast
    • Myoblast cells make new myofibrils
    • Collagen form along lines of tension
    • Healing- 6-8 weeks
    • Want ROM
  16. Tendon healing
    • Requires dense fibrous union (w/ collagen) of separated ends
    • Tendon attaches to surrounds and in 3 weeks separates
    • Healing- 4-5 weeks
  17. Nerve Healing
    • Cant regenerate
    • Regeneration occur in nerve fiber
    • Proximity of injury make regeneration more difficult
    • 1/8-1/6 in (3-4mm) repair per day
    • Peripheral nerve heal better than central

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