Research Ethics

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  1. As a researcher, how do you balance the moral code of society, and society's need to benefit from quality research?
    • Participant consent
    • Animal research 
    • research w/ infants and children 
    • research w/ special populations 
    • deception
  2. How do we decide what is ethical?
    • Principle of utilitarianism 
    • Principle of rights
  3. Principle of utilitarianism
    Determine the benefits and risks, if benefits outweigh risks it is ethical.
  4. Principle of rights
    Moral rights are universal principals applied to every person equally and impartially. 

    What's best for a person are decisions or actions that protect the individual's rights.
  5. When do you need and allow for informed consent?
    If the consent does not harm the integrity of the research then it should be obtained. 

    Adults 18 and older may provide own consent.

    Younger than 18 need parent consent. 

    Verbal assent is also need even if participant cannot provide consent.
  6. Whose responsibility for research ethics?
    1) Federal: Grants only funded to those approved by the Institutional review board (IRB). 

    2) Institutional: All research institutions have an IRB consisting of researchers, lawyers, and community members. Research may not be collected without approval from IRB. Must follow the national research act!

    3. Personal: If you don't feel comfortable conducting experiment you should not conduct it.
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