Tree mesurement

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  1. What is a Biltmore Stick?
    A tool to measure the diameter, height and volume of standing trees.
  2. What is the most accurate tree volume measure?
    1/4" International Rule.
  3. How is firewood measured?
  4. When pine trees are pruned, what is therecommended height?
    17 feet
  5. Volume in timber trees is established in log lengths. How long is that log?
    16 feet
  6. If a standard cord contains 128 cu. ft.,what are its dimensions?
    4' x 4' x 8'
  7. A chain is a metal tape which foresters use to measure distance. How long is a chain?
    66 feet
  8. What tree measurement can be made with an Abney Hand Level?
    Tree height
  9. What are the measurements of a board foot?
    1' x 1' x 1"
  10. What is D.B.H. and at what height is it measured?
    Diameter Breast Height; 4.5'
  11. What is forest mensuration?
    The measurement of standing timber or logs cut from it.
  12. What do the Doyle, Scribner and International Rules refer to?
    Merchantable volume of standing lumber.
  13. What are tree calipers?
    An instrument used to measure diameters of trees or logs. It consists of a graduated rule with two arms, one fixed at right angles to one end of the rule, the other sliding parallel to the fixed arm.
  14. Name three instruments for measuring tree diameter.
    Biltmore stick, diameter tape, and calipers.
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