Smeltzer CH 50 terms

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  1. agglutination
    clumping effect occurring when an antibody acts as a cross-link between the two antigens
  2. antibody
    a protein substance developed by the body in response to and interacting with a specific antigen
  3. antigen
    substance that induces the production of antibodies
  4. antigenic determinant
    the specific area of an antigen that binds with an antibody combining site and determines the specificity of the antigen-antibody reaction
  5. apoptosis
    programmed cell death that results from the digestion of deoxyribonucleic acid by endonucleases
  6. epitope
    any component of an antigen molecule that functions as an antigenetic determinant by permitting the attachment of certain antibodies
  7. immune system
    the collection of organs, cells, tissues, and molecules that mediate the immune response.
  8. opsonization
    the coating of antigen-antibody molecules with a sticky substance to facilitate phagocytosis
  9. immunity
    the body's specific protective response to a foreign agent or organism; resistance to disease, specifically infectious diseases.
  10. genetic engineering
    emerging technology designed to enable replacement of missing or defective genes.
  11. immune response
    the coordinated response of the components of the immune system to a foreign agent or organism.
  12. complement
    series of enzymatic proteins in the serum that, when activated, destroy bacteria and other cells
  13. immunopathology
    study of diseases resulting in dysfunctions within the immune system
  14. immunoregulation
    complex system of checks and balances that regulates or controls the immune system
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