Smeltzer CH 50 terms (cells)

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  1. B cells
    cells that are important for producing a humoral immune response
  2. cytokines
    generic term for non antibody proteins that act as intercellular mediators, as in the generation of immune response
  3. cytotoxic T cells
    lymphocytes that lyse cells infected with virus; also play a role in graft rejection
  4. helper T cells
    lymphocytes that attack foreign invaders (antigens) directly
  5. interferons
    proteins formed when cells are exposed to viral or foreign agents; capable of activating other components of the immune system
  6. lymphokines
    substances released by sensitized lymphocytes when they come in contact with specific antigens
  7. memory cells
    cells that are responsible for recognizing antigens from previous exposure and mounting an immune response
  8. natural killer (NK) cells
    lymphocytes that defend against microorganisms and malignant cells
  9. null lymphocytes
    lymphocytes that destroy antigens already coated with the antibody
  10. phagocytic cells
    cells that engulf, ingest, and destroy foreign bodies or toxins.
  11. stem cells
    precursors of all blood cells; reside primarily in bone marrow.
  12. suppressor T cells
    lymphocytes that decrease B cell activity to a level at which the immune system is compatible with life.
  13. T cells
    cells that are important for producing a cellular immune response.
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