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  1. what other 2 names is the hub also called?
  2. why do u use a second hub?
    for more space
  3. whats the symbol for S drive?
  4. what do you save your work on?
    S drive
  5. the part of the internet containing documents which are accessed by a browser network
    WWW (world wide web)
  6. .com= _ ; .gov=_ ; .edu=_ ; .org=_ ; .mil=_ ; .net=_
    commercial, government, education, organization, military, network
  7. the last part of the Web address.
    Web Site suffixes
  8. any two or more computers connected to each other over a long distance, typically between buildings
    WAN (wide area network)
  9. one protocol which allows computers to communicate with each other over a network
    TCP/IP (transmittion control protocol/internet protocol)
  10. rules that computers must follow to communicate with each other over a network
  11. the workstation that is used to share its printer with other workstations on the network
    print server
  12. an adapter card which allows a computer to be networked
    NIC (network interfacing card)
  13. converts binary computer info from a digital signal into an analog signal for transmittion over a telephone line, and then translates received transmissions back into binary info. (today, mostly cable. _)
    modem (modulator/demodulator); broadband
  14. any two or more computers connected to each other in a local area, within one room or building
    LAN (local area network)
  15. an unique identification number assigned to a computer on the internet
    IP address
  16. connects the workstations to each other and to the file server
  17. a protocol or common format for Web page info transfer over the internet
    HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol)
  18. the networked computer which shares drive space, files, programs, and other resources with the workstations
    FIle server
  19. a popular Local Area Network (the standard)
  20. What does IP mean?
    internet protocol
  21. converts the typed web address into the target computer's IP address
    DNS(Domain system)
  22. coated wires that connect computers to each other
  23. Two numbers a bit= is _ or _. 1 byte= _ bits
    0 or 1, 8
  24. _ means bits per second, the speed. A _ speed is measured by how many bits it can transfer per second.
    BPS, modem's
  25. wrists: keep them _ and _, but not _ the edge of the keyboard
    straight, low, touching
  26. _: keep them _ to the slant of the keyboard
    forearms, parallel
  27. _: keep them curved and _ over the keys
    fingers, upright
  28. Eyes: _straight and don't look at the _. If you don't know where a key is, look at the _ to find it, then look away and type the key
    monitor, keyboard, keyboard
  29. Feet: both feet on the _
  30. Body: sit up _. (chair pulled _ enough and _ close)
    straight, forward, keyboard
  31. What are the home keys?
  32. A _ _ is pressing the enter key at the end of a line to return the cursor and move it down to the next line
    hard return
  33. What is the official name of the keyboard?
  34. What does five characters count as when computing GWAM?
    one standard word
  35. What is your typing grade?
  36. What does GWAM stand for?
    gross words a minute
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