Level G Vocab: Unit 1

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  1. acquisitive 
    (adj.) able to get and retain ideas or information; concerned with acquiring wealth or property
  2. arrogate 
    (v.) to claim or take without right
  3. banal 
    (adj.) hackneyed, trite, commonplace
  4. belabor 
    (v.) to work on excessively; to thrash soundly
  5. carping 
    (adj.) tending to find fault, especially in a petty, nasty, or hairsplitting way; (n.) petty, nagging criticism
  6. coherent 
    (adj.) holding or sticking together; making a logical whole; comprehensible, meaningful
  7. congeal 
    (v.) to change from liquid to solid, thicken; to make inflexible or rigid
  8. emulate 
    (v.) to imitate with the intent of equaling or surpassing the model
  9. encomium 
    (n.) a formal expression of praise, a lavish tribute
  10. eschew 
    (v.) to avoid, shun, keep away from
  11. germane 
    (adj.) relevant, appropriate, apropos, fitting
  12. insatiable 
    (adj.) so great or demanding as not to be satisfied
  13. intransigent 
    (adj.) refusing to compromise, irreconcilable
  14. invidious 
    (adj.) offensive, hateful; tending to cause bitterness and resentment
  15. largess 
    (n.) the generous giving of lavish gifts
  16. reconnaissance 
    (n.) a survey made for military purposes; any kind of preliminary inspection or examination
  17. substantiate 
    (v.) to establish by evidence, prove; to give concrete or substantial form to
  18. taciturn
    (adj.) habitually silent; talking little
  19. temporize 
    (v.) to stall or act evasively in order to gain time, avoid a confrontation, or postpone a decision; to compromise
  20. tenable
    (adj.) capable of being held or defended
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