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    • Define a system in equilibrium
    • The net force in a system is equal to zero.
    • This means there is no acceleration
  1. How to solve equilibrium problems
    • Put opposing forces equal to each other.
    • In not in equilibrium, add ma to weaker side
  2. Define torque and give equations
    • Torque: rotational force
    • T=Flsin(theta)
  3. What are the units of Energy
    • Joule (J): in macroscopic world 1
    • Electron-volt (eV): in microscopic wold
  4. Name mechanical energies and give equations
    • Kinetic: (1/2)mv^2
    • Gravitational potential: mgh
    • Elastic potential: (1/2)kΔx^2
  5. How is energy transfered
    Heat or work
  6. Give equations for work and how do you know if work is being done
    • W=fdcos(theta) when no friction is present
    • W=ΔK+ΔU+ΔE(friction) no heat
    • 1: define a system
    • 2: does heat of system or surrounding change. If there. Is no heat, all energy is transfered into work
  7. What are the conservative forces, and how do you tell if a force is conservative or not?
    • 1: gravity
    • 2: Hooke's law forces
    • 3: electromagnetic
    • No displacement occurs (loop) and ΔE is the same regardless of the path taken. Force is dependent on position
  8. How are non-conservative forces different from conservative ones? What is the equation?
    • Mechanical energy will change when work is done. Energy change is not stored as potential energy
    • W=ΔK+ΔU
  9. Define power and give the equation and units
    • Power: rate of energy transfer or work done on system (E changes when work is done ΔE=W+h
    • Watt: J/sec
    • P=ΔE/time or ΔW/time
    • Instantaneous power=Fvcos(theta)
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