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    • Define density
    • Mass/volume
  1. Define specific gravity
    S.G.= Density(substance)/Density(water)
  2. What is the density of water
    • 1000kg/m^3
    • 1g/cm^3
  3. Define pressure and units
    • P=F/A
    • Pascals
  4. Give equation for the pressure of a fluid at rest with uniform density in a sealed contatiner
    • P=(density)by
    • Y=depth of fluid
  5. What is P of the atmosphere in standard units
    101,000 pascals
  6. Describe pascals principal
    Pressure applied anywhere to an enclosed incompressible fluid will be distributed undiminished throughout that fluid
  7. What kind of machine utilizes pascals principal
    Hydraulic lift
  8. Describe archimede's principle
    The bouyant force is an upward force acting on a submerged object, and is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the submerged object.
  9. What is the bouyant force equation
    • Fb=fluid(density)Vg
    • In other words, the bouyant force is equal to the weight of the fluid that was displaced. Archimedes principle
  10. What are the two types of motion in fluids with motion and what is their role
    • 1: random translational motion: contributes to fluid pressure at rest (motion of molecules)
    • 2: uniform translational motion: shared equally by all molecules at a given location. (Motion of flow)
  11. Define the characteristics that make up an ideal fluid
    • 1: no viscosity
    • 2: incompressible
    • 3: lacks turbulence
  12. Describe and Define the continuity equation
    • Rate of flow of a fluid
    • Q=Av
    • An is cross sectional area
    • V is velocity
    • Q is volume flow rate
  13. Whats is the equation for mass flow rate
    Multiply volume flow rate (Q) by density
  14. Describe and define Bernoulli's equation
    • P+(density)gh+(1/2)(density)v^2=K
    • K is a fluid specific constant
  15. Define stress and strain
    • Stress=F/A
    • Strain= Dimension/original dimension
  16. Describe and define modulus of elasticity
    • A proportionality between stress and strain which can be thought of like Hess's law
    • Stress/strain or how much stress can a systems strain handle before breaking
  17. Describe and define the three types of modulus
    • 1: Young's modulus (E)= tensile strength
    • 2: Shear modulus (G)= shear stress
    • 3: bulk modulus (B)= compression and expansion
  18. Give the equation for the velocity of a fluid in motion
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