Anatomy & Physiology: Basics, First Week Quiz

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  1. Superior
    Above; closer to the head
  2. Inferior
    Below; closer to the feet
  3. Anterior
    Closer to the front
  4. Posterior
    Closer to the back
  5. Medial
    Closer to the middle
  6. Lateral
    Closer to the sides
  7. Proximal
    Closer to the place of attachment; closer to the belly button
  8. Distal
    Further from the place of attachment; "distant"
  9. Deep
    Internal; further inside
  10. Superficial
    External; closer to the skin
  11. Peripheral
    Leading away from the organ
  12. Local/Central
    The organ itself/close to the organ
  13. Liver
    Abdominal Cavity
  14. Lungs
    Thoracic Cavity
  15. Spleen
    Abdominal Cavity
  16. Stomach
    Abdominal Cavity
  17. Brain
    Cranial Cavity
  18. Trachea
    Thoracic Cavity
  19. Gallbladder
    Abdominal Cavity
  20. Urinary Bladder
    Pelvic Cavity
  21. Small Intestine
    Abdominal Cavity
  22. Spinal Cord
    Spinal Cavity
  23. Thymus Gland
    Thoracic Cavity
  24. Internal Reproductive Organs
    Pelvic Cavity
  25. Heart
    Thoracic Cavity
  26. Mediastinum (Cavity & Description)
    • Thoracic Cavity;
    • Region between the lungs that separates the thoracic cavity into two compartments
  27. Visceral Pleura
    Membrane on the surface of the lung
  28. Visceral Pericardium
    Membrane on the surface of the heart
  29. Parietal Peritoneum
    Membrane that lines the wall of the abdominopelvic cavity
  30. Visceral Peritoneum
    Membrane on the surface of the stomach (in the abdominal cavity)
  31. Diaphragm
    Thin muscular structure that separates the thoracic and abdominopelvic cavities
  32. Function of the circulatory system
    Transports gases between lungs and body cells
  33. Function of the digestive system
    Converts food molecules into forms that are absorbed
  34. Function of the endocrine system
    Secretes hormones
  35. Function of the integumentary system
    Provides outer covering
  36. Function of the lymphatic system
    Transports excess fluid from tissues to blood
  37. Function of the muscular system
    • Produces most body heat;
    • Maintains posture
  38. Function of the nervous system
    • Stimulates muscles to contract;
    • Interprets information from sensory units
  39. Function of the respiratory system
    Exchanges gases between air and blood
  40. Function of the reproductive system
    To produce more organisms
  41. Function of the skeletal system
    • Produces blood cells;
    • Maintains posture
  42. Function of the urinary system
    • Transports liquid wastes to outside;
    • Removes liquids and wastes from the body
  43. Adrenal Glands
    Endocrine System
  44. Arteries
    Circulatory system
  45. Brain
    Nervous System
  46. Gallbladder
    Digestive System
  47. Heart
    Circulatory System
  48. Kidneys
    Urinary System
  49. Larynx
    Respiratory System
  50. Ligaments
    Skeletal System
  51. Liver
    Digestive System
  52. Lungs
    Respiratory System
  53. Ovaries
    Female Reproductive System
  54. Pancreas
    Digestive & Endocrine System
  55. Parathyroid Glands
    Endocrine System
  56. Prostate Gland
    Male Reproductive System
  57. Salivary Glands
    Digestive System
  58. Skin
    Integumentary System
  59. Spleen
    Lymphatic System
  60. Spinal Cord
    Nervous System
  61. Testes
    Male Reproductive System
  62. Thymus
    Lymphatic System
  63. Trachea
    Respiratory System
  64. Uterus
    Female Reproductive System
  65. Ureters
    Urinary System
  66. Urethra
    Urinary System
  67. Vagina
    Female Reproductive System
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