Chapter 2- Becoming a Teacher

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  1. Specialized programs within high schools that help students to explore the teaching profession through classes, observations, and hands-on experience
    Teaching Academies
  2. University or College Programs that prepare students to become teachers
    Teacher  Education Programs
  3. Money that is given for a specific purpose, such a educational expenses, that does not have to be repaid
  4. Following a person on the job for a few hours, a day, or even longer to experience what the person's career typically involves to gain valuable insight into the person's daily tasks, activities, and interactions with others
    Job Shadowing
  5. A type of volunteer effort that links classroom  learning with hands-on experience in order to meet community needs
  6. A course that must be completed before entering a program or prior to taking a higher-level course
    Prerequisite Course
  7. A test that measures skill and knowledge in the subject area
    Proficiency Test
  8. A period during which a teacher education student practices and acquires teaching skill under the supervision of an experienced teacher
    Student Teaching
  9. An experienced teacher who supervises and mentors a student teacher
    Cooperating Teacher
  10. A person who has met the state requirements for teacher preparation
    Certified Teacher
  11. In teaching, agreements between states that allow teachers certified to teach in one state to teach in another state that is part of the agreement
    Reciprocal Agreement
  12. A formal document, issued by the state, verifying that a teacher is qualified to teach at specific grade levels or particular subject areas
    Teaching License
  13. A concise statement of the specific career toward which a person is working
    Career Goal
  14. An organized collection of materials and information that shows how personal knowledge, skills, and attitudes have developed overtime
    Personal Portfolio
  15. Physical items that are part of a portfolio, such as projects and papers, examples for a related volunteer activity, and academic and other awards
  16. A personal statement about your thoughts, views, and values as they relate to teaching
    Philosophy of Teaching
  17. To express thoughts in words
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