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  1. accost (v)
    to approach and speak to first
  2. animadversion (n)
    a comment indicating strong criticism or disapproval
  3. avid (adj)
    desirous of something to the point of greed; intensely eager
  4. brackish (adj)
    having a salty taste and unpleasant to drink
  5. celerity (n)
    swiftness, rapidity of motion or acdtion
  6. covenant (n)
    a solemn agreement
  7. devious (adj)
    straying or wandering from a straight or direct course, roundabout; done or acting in a shifty or underhanded way
  8. gambit (n)
    in chess, an opening move that involves the risk or sacrifice of a minor piece in order to gain a later advantage; any opening move of this type
  9. halcyon (n)(adj)
    (n) a legendary bird identified with the kingfisher (adj) of or relating to the halcyon; calm, peaceful; happy, golden; prosperous, affluent
  10. histrionic (adj)
    pertaining to actors and their techniques; theatrical, artificial, melodramatic
  11. incendiary (adj)
    (adj) deliberately setting or causing fires; deisgned to start fires; tending to stir up strife or rebellion; (n) one who deliberately starts fires; one who causes strife
  12. maelstrom (n)
    whirlpool of great size and violence; a situation resembling a whirlpool in violence and destruction
  13. myopic (adj)
    nearsighted; lacking a broad, realistic view of a situation; lacking foresight or discernment
  14. overt (adj)
    open, not hidden, expressed or revealed in a way that is easily recognized
  15. pejorative (adj)
    tending to make worse; expressing disapproval or disparagement
  16. propound (v)
    to put forward, offer, suggest for consideration; to set forth
  17. propriety (n)(pl)
    (n) the state of being proper, appropriateness; (pl) standards of what is proper or socially acceptable
  18. sacrilege (n)
    improper or disrespectful treatment of something held sacred
  19. summarily (adv)
    without delay or formality; briefly, concisely
  20. suppliant (adj)(n)
    (adj) asking humbly and earnestly; (n) one who makes a request humbly and earnestly
  21. talisman (n)
    an object that serves as a charm or is believed to confer magical powers
  22. undulate (v)
    to move in waves or with a wavelike motion; to have a wavelike appearance or form
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