Informatics chapter 2: intro to information science and systems

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  1. Progression from data to information
    • data are raw facts
    • information is processed data that has meaning to itĀ 
    • example: someone states the number 99.5-data. What is the meaning of 99.5? if given that patient x has a 99.5 degree Fahrenheit fever-that is information
  2. Describe the term information and how information is acquired
    • information: processed data that has meaning
    • acquired: can be acquired by audio, text and numeric data, image
  3. Discuss audio data as alerts and alarms
    • audio data refer to sounds, noises or tones
    • there are monitor alerts and alarms as well
  4. Data scrubbing to have clean data
    • 1. find data and put into table or some type of organizationĀ 
    • 2. get rid of bad data: incorrect format, out of date, etc
  5. Subjective data vs. objective data
    • Subjective data: symptoms of patient, are the verbal statements made by patient
    • Objective data: Signs; are detectable by an observer, they can be seen, heard, felt or smelt, obtained by observation or physical examination
  6. list 2 ways we acquire information
    either by actively looking for it or by having it conveyed by the environment
  7. Define interoperability and inoperability in information exchange
    • Interoperability: able to operate different branches of medicine/nursing under one computer application
    • Inoperability: different branches of medicine/nursing use completely different computer applications for patient records etc
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