Gen Chem Unit 0 Review

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  1. How does one know how many digits to record when measuring with an instrument?
    Include all the known digits plus one more estimated digit
  2. Copper has a density of 8.96 g/cm3   Lead has a density of 11.4 g/cm3   If two pieces had the same mass, which metal would occupy the greater volume? Explain
    Copper would have the greater volume because lead is more dense or compact.
  3. What is the mass  25.0 ml of water?
    25.0 g   (the density of water is 1.0 g/ml)
  4. Express the formula for density in a sentence.
    Density is mass divided by the volume of a substance.
  5. What is the ability of a person to get nearly the same answer each time they make a measurement?
  6. Is a numeric measurement a qualtitative or quantitative observation?
  7. What is the formula for calculating percent error?
    Image Upload
  8. If a student value for the mass of water is within 5% of the accepted value, is the student precise or accurate?
    Accurate is how close one is to the accepted value.
  9. Image UploadHow many decimal places should be used?
    Tenths place because the markings are whole numbers
  10. Chemistry is the study of ____________, its properties, the _________ it undergoes and the _________ associated with those reactions.
    Chemistry is the study of MATTER, its properties, the CHANGES it undergoes and the ENERGY associated withthose reactions.
  11. What process in lab do we use to find volume of an irregular shaped solid?
    Water displacement
  12. What is the density of water?
    1.0 g / ml
  13. Bamboo has a density of .33 g/cm3.  Will it float or sink in water?
    Float (density is less than water's density of 1.0)
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