Communication Lecture

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  1. Five parts of the commuication process (Berlo)
    • - Stimulus/refrent (pt need to be addressed
    • - Sender/source of message (encoder)- (begins communication process
    • - The message itself (speech, interview, telephone convo, gesture,chart
    • - Medium channel of communication- (auditory, visual, kinesthic (touch)
    • - Reciever (decoder)- must translate and interpret the message
  2. Channels of sending a message to a Receiver
    Auditory- spoken words/cues

    Visual- through sight, observation and perception

    Kinesthetic- touch
  3. Forms of Communication
    Verbal- language/written- esta any language barriers

    • Non Verbal- without the use of words
    • gestures
    • facial expressions

    As a nurse we need to be aware of nonverbal messages with ourselves and our patients
  4. 8 Ways to communicate non verbally
    • - touch
    • - eye contact
    • - facial expressions
    • - posture
    • - gait
    • - gestures
    • - sounds
    • - silence
    • Physical appearance of a person includes skin- dehydrated eye sunken
    • mode of dress
  5. Four levels of Communication
    Intrapersonal Self talk

    Interpersonal 2 or more people

    Small group- class/nurses 2 or more people

    Organizational - business meeting
  6. Roles of Group Members
    Group Dynamics- how individuals in a group relate and work toward achieving goals.

    Task-oriented focused on work to be done

    Maintenance- focus on well-being of people doing work

    Self serving- advance needs of individual members at the group expense
  7. Factors that influence communication
    Developmental level, gender (comm differently), sociocultural differences, roldes and relationships, space and territorality (18 inches to 4 feet to do interview), physical mental, emotional state, values, enviroment
  8. Handoff Communication (from nurse to physician)

    S- Situation (brief state of problem

    B- Background (what has changed)

    A- Assessment (findings what u think the problem is

    R- Recommendation (request new order, come and evaluate patient)

    • S+B Objective data facts
    • A+R subjective data what u think opinion
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