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    • CBRN is covered under what regulation?
    • FM 3-11, FM 3-11.4, FM 3-11.5, FM 3-7
  1. Education programs are covered under what regulations
    Ar 621-5
  2. What regulations covers NCOES
    Ar 350-90
  3. What Regulation covers first aid
    FM 4 -25.11
  4. Guard duty is covered under what manual
    FM 22 -6
  5. Drill and ceremony is covered under what regulations
    FM 3-21.5
  6. What regulation covers promotion and reduction
    AR 600 - 8-19
  7. Land navigation is covered under what manual
    Field Manual 3-25.26 and Field Manual 1- 02
  8. What manual covers sponsorship
    Ar 600- 8- 8
  9. Customs and courtesies are covered under what regulations
    Ar 600-25 and FM 7-21.13 chptr 4
  10. What FM covers PRT
    FM 7-22
  11. What regulation covers uniform wear and appearance
    AR 670-1
  12. What regulations covers Awards
    AR 600-8-22
  13. Military leadership it's covered under what regulations
    FM 6-22
  14. What Regulation covers counseling
    FM 6-22 appendix B
  15. What regulation covers military justice
    AR 27-10
  16. What Regulation covers evaluation reports
    AR 623-3
  17. What regulations covers battle focus training
    FM 7-1
  18. What's Regulation covers chain of command
    AR 600-20
  19. What Regulation covers sharp
    AR 600-20
  20. What Regulation covers PMCS
    AR 750-1
  21. What Regulation covers the army substance abuse program
    AR 600-85
  22. Army community service is covered under what regulation
    AR 608-1
  23. What regulations covers army continuing education service
    AR 621-5
  24. Army emergency relief is covered under what regulation
    AR 930-4
  25. Equal opportunity is covered under what regulations
    AR 600-20
  26. What Army Regulation covers Red Cross
    AR 930-5
  27. What regulations covers army retention
    AR 601-280
  28. What Regulation covers safety
    AR 385-10
  29. NCO DP it's covered under what regulations
    AR 350-1
  30. AT4 is covered under what manual
    FM 3-23.5
  31. What manual covers the M16
    FM 3-22.9
  32. What manual covers in m18 Claymore
    FM 23-23
  33. What Regulation covers M 4
    FM 3-22.9
  34. What Regulation covers M2
    FM 3-22.65
  35. What regulation covers M 203
    FM 3-22.31
  36. What are the 3 marching steps used in drill
    15in step, 30 in step, 30 in step at double time, 180 steps per minute the 18 in step is used when formally stacking arms
  37. 2 prescribed formations for a platoon
    Line and column
  38. What covers D&C
    TC 3-21.5 ( as of Jan 2012 )
  39. Primary value of ceremonies
    Render honors, preserve tradition, and espirit to corps
  40. Only command given from inspection arms
    Ready, port, arms
  41. What is an element
    Any unit from an individual and larger that is part of a larger unit
  42. A file is
    A column which has only a front of one element
  43. What is a formation
    An arramgment of elements of a unit in a prescribed manner
  44. Inspection arms is commanded at the very least when
    After weapons issue upon return of all elements and before turn in
  45. Quick time is how many steps per minute
  46. Rear march is given to
    Reverse the direction of march
  47. All stationary movements are given from what position
  48. A step is measured from
    Heel to heel
  49. Depth is
    The space from front to rear of the formation including front and rear elements
  50. 5 types of commands in drill
    Two part, combined, supplementary, directive
  51. When a prepatory command is given the guidon position is
    The raised vertical position
  52. Cadence is
    Uniform rythm a movement is executed, or the number of counts per minute at which it is executed
  53. Normal interval is
    The lateral space between soldiers measured from right to left with the left arm raised shoulder level finger and thumbs extended and joined, palms facing down with the tip of the middle finger touching the other soldiers shoulder to his left
  54. training and appearance of color gaurd is who's responsibility
  55. A guidon is
    A swallow tailed flag carried by companies, batteries, troops and certain detachments
  56. Rear march which way do you turn
    180 degrees to the right
  57. Methods used to teach drill
    Step by step, by the numbers, talk through
  58. which 4 movements in marching require a 15in step
    Half step, left step, right step, backward march
  59. Platoons should be seperated by how many steps
  60. The regulations for order and discipline of the troops of the United States is now known as
    TC 3-21.5
  61. How far in front of the honor company or color company do the colors halt
    Ten steps
  62. When was the NCO support channel formally recognized
    20 dec 1976
  63. Sergeant business is defined as
    To train and lead soldiers
  64. How does the chain of command support the NCO support channel
    By legally punishing those who challenge a sergeant's authority
  65. How does a commander exercise command
    Through subordinate commanders
  66. When was the position of SMA established
    4 July 1966
  67. Key elements of command
    Authority and responsibility
  68. What is the NCO support channel
    The channel of communication that reinforces the chain of command
  69. What must a sergeant have to accomplish sergeant business
    Skill, ability, and leadership
  70. A salute is not rendered or returned when
    In civilian attire, would be a safety hazard, carrying something in both hands, as an element of a formation
  71. Salute in a building when
    When reporting to commander, pay officer, military board, indoor ceremony, sentry duty indoors
  72. When walking with a senior person where do you walk
    To their left
  73. What is a custom
    An established practice of positive actions and negative actions to avoid
  74. Courtesies are
    Actions considered as excellence of manners or social conduct; polite behavior
  75. Traditions are
    customary pattern of thought, action or behavior by an identifiable group
  76. Example of tradition
    Maroon berets, "hoahh", mottos
  77. Example of courtesies
    Standing at attention for officers or parade rest for NCO until told to do otherwise, walking to the ledt of superiors
  78. Example of customs
    Hand salute, standing at attention and parade rest
  79. What gun salute does the president or former president receive when visiting an installation
    21 gun salute when arriving and when leaving
  80. Cased colors and folded (or cocked hat) do not receive what
    A salute
  81. Time of reveille and retreat is set by
    Installation commander
  82. At the sound of reveille the flagbis hoisted when
    At the first sound of the first note
  83. When was the army song dedicated
    The army song (the army goes rolling along) was dedicated by the secretary of the army on veterans day 11 nov 1956 and announced 12 dec 1957
  84. how many personnel on a full funeral detail
    9 - (6 pallbearers/ firing party, one chaplain, an officer and/or NCOIC, and a bugler if available)
  85. Who exits a vehicle first
    The senior person
  86. Who enters the vehicle first
    The junior persob
  87. How long is to the colors
    40 sec
  88. How many classes of supply are there
  89. Class one is
  90. Class 2 is
    Clothing and equipment
  91. Class 3 is
    Fuel and lubricants
  92. Class 4
    Fortification materials
  93. Class V
    Ammo and explosive
  94. Class 6
    Personal items
  95. Class 7
    Major end items
  96. Class 8
    Medical supplies, minimal amounts
  97. Class 9
    Repair parts
  98. Class 10
    Misc supplies
  99. Permenant hand reciept
    Da 2062
  100. How days does it take to initiate a report of survey
    5 days
  101. What form is a report of survey
    DA 4697
  102. Four ways to be relieved duebto accountability of property
    Report of survey, statement of charges, cash collection voucher, turn in
  103. 5 phases of BRM
    Preliminary rifle instruction, downrange feedback, field fire, advanced rifle marksmanship, advanced optics and sights
  104. A weaponeer is
    Capable of simulating all brm live fire scenarios without firing a round
  105. PMI is
    Preliminary marksmanship training
  106. Only Two positions taught during PMI
    Prone unsupported and supported (foxhole)
  107. basic elements of the sight picture
    Sight alignment and aiming point
  108. Different catergories of malfunction
    Failure to feed, chamber, lock, fire cartridge, extract, or eject
  109. What is stoppage
    Failure of an automatic/semiautomatic weapon to complete the cycle of operation
  110. Describe an M4
    A 5.56 mm, magazine fed, gas-operated, air-cooled, semiautomatic or three-round burst, hand-held, shoulder-fired weapon
  111. How many types of ammo for M4
    7 ball, trace, dummy, blank, ball (green tip), tracer (red tip), Short range training ammunition (SRTA-plastic blue tip)
  112. Wieght of M4
  113. Weight of M4 w/ 20 rounds
    7.19 lbs
  114. M4 weight w/ 30 rounds
    7.50 lbs
  115. Max effective rate of fire for M4
    45 rpm semi, 90 rpm burst, 12-15 suatained
  116. Muzzle velocity of M4
    2970 fps
  117. M4 max range
  118. M4 max effective range point
  119. M4 max effective range area
  120. Rifling of an M4
    1/7 right hand twist
  121. Elevation knob adjusts the point of aim how much
    300 to 600
  122. M4 is how long
    29.75in w closed buttstock, 33 in open
  123. 4 M4 buttstock positions
    Closed, 1/2 open, 3/4 open, full open
  124. 8 steps in the functioning of the M4
    Feeding, chambering, locking, firing, unlocking, extracting, ejecting, cocking
  125. 1-79 history
    • -Constituted 1 july 1916 as troop A & B, 21st CAV
    • -Organized 1 june 1917, Fort Riley Kansas
    • -Inactivated in sept 1917, camp meade maryland
    • -Activated june 1940 fort Bragg
    • -1943 designated as A btry 697th FA
    • -inactivated Feb 1946 camp kilmer NJ
    • -redesignated feb 1947 as A btry 555 FA
    • -inactivated sept 1956 fort lewis
    • -1963 redesignated as 1-79 FA
    • -16 Aug 1995 transferred to fort sill
    General Cone
  128. DCG-IMT CDR
    MG Mays
  129. IMT CSM
    CSM Carpena
  130. Chairman Joint Chiefs of staff
    GEN Dempsey
  131. Secretary of the Army
    HON John McHugh
  132. Secretary of defense
    Chuck Hagel
  133. Army Chief of staff
    GEN Odierno
  134. Post CDR
    MG Mcdonald
  135. Post CSM
    CSM Morrisey
  136. SMA
    SMA of the Chandler
  137. What does AR 600-8-8 require the military to send the incoming personnel and when
    A welcome letter with in ten days of reciept of the 5434 (sponsorship counseling and info sheet)
  138. When and where did the civil war actually begin
    April of 1861 when S. Carolina militia fired on fort Sumter
  139. After a U.S marine was shot in 1989 in Panama what operation was launched
    Operation just cause
  140. On what date did the Japanese attack pearl harbor
    7 Dec 1941
  141. 4 stages of counseling
    Identify the need, prepare, conduct, follow up
  142. 3 principle ways that leaders can develop others through which they provide knowledge and feedback
    Counseling coaching and mentoring
  143. What are the characteristics of effective counseling
    Purpose, flexibilty, respect, communication and support
  144. A leaders effectiveness is dramatically enhanced bu understanding and developing what areas
    Military bearing, physical fitness, confidence, resilience
  145. What does a dark orange belt on fort sill mean
    One of the top three
  146. Why is PRT mandatory training requirement
    Because itvis considered by leaders to be essential to individual, unit and force readiness. It is also required by law for all individuals and units
  147. 7 principles from FM 7-0 which directly link to PRT are
    • -Commanders and other leaders are responsible for training'
    • - NCO train
    • - train as you fight
    • - train to standards
    • -conduct multiechelon and concurrent training
    • -train to develop agile leaders and organizations
  148. What is the difference in slow and moderate cadence in PRT
    Slow is 50 counts per minute and moderate is 80
  149. The Army song must be played at the conclusion of what ceremonies
    Reviews, parades, and honor guard
  150. How many articles are in the ucmj
    146 articles or 158 articles if you include the 12 sub articles
  151. When was UCMJ enacted
    1950 they were called the articles of war before and were in place since 1775
  152. What are the punitive articles of ucmj
    Articles 77 through 134
  153. 3 types of court martial
    Summary, special, general
  154. The general rules for appointing a sponsor
    Same grade or higher than the incoming soldier, same gender, and familiar with unit, community and activities
  155. Six elements of the sponsorship program are
    • DA form 5434.M
    • welcome letter
    • ACS relocation readiness service
    • reception
    • orientation
    • inprocessing
  156. What are the ways that a soldier can be identified as having a substance abuse problem
    • Self
    • Command
    • Bio chemical
    • Medical
    • investigation and apprehension
  157. What are the 4 levels of maintenance
    • Unit
    • Direct support
    • General support
    • Depot
  158. When must id tags be worn
    When directed by the cdr, engaged in field training, in an aircraft, or OCONUS
  159. How many skill tabs may be worn on the ACU uniform
    No more than 3
  160. What is supply economy?
    Stopping haste, waste and abuse of supplies, use only what is necessary
  161. A leaders effectiveness is dramatically enhanced by understanding and developing what areas?
    Military Bearing, Physical Fitness, Confidence, and Resilience
  162. What are the characteristics of effective counseling
    Purpose, flexibility, respect, communication, and support
  163. What forms are contained in the equipment record folder when the vehicle is dispatched
    • -2404 or 5988
    • -SF 91 Operator's report of motor vehicle accident
    • -DD 518 accident ID card
    • -DA 5987 dispatch
  164. Before a vehicle can be dispatched  what safety equipment must be present
    fire extinguisher, first aid kit and a highway warning kit
  165. What does PLL mean
    prescribed load list
  166. What types of NCOERs are there
    • 7 different types:
    • 1 Annual
    • 2 Change of Rater
    • 3 Relief for cause
    • 4 Complete the record
    • 5 60 day rater option
    • 6 60 day senior rater option
    • 7 temporary duty, special duty, or compassionate reassignment
  167. What are the parts of the NCOER
    • Part 1 admin data
    • Part 2 authentication
    • Part 3 Duty description
    • Part 4 Army Values/ NCO Responsibilities
    • Part 5 Overall Performance and Potential
  168. What is a malfunction
    a stoppage due to a mechanical failure
  169. What does AFAP stand for
    Army Family Action Plan
  170. What is AFAP
    a program which creates a communication loop between global army families and leadership. Providing a means for Army constituents to address and report issues of well being concern to leadership at regular intervals
  171. How many periods of EO training must a soldier have in a year
    4 (once per quarter)
  172. what are the categories which EO addresses
    discrimination due to race, color, gender, religion, national orgin
  173. What are the categories of sexual harrasment
    Verbal, nonverbal, physical contact
  174. What is the purpose of SHARP
    to reinforce the Army's commitment to eliminate incidents of sexual harrasment and assualt
  175. Sexual assualt includes what acts
    • Rape
    • non consentual sodomy
    • indecent assault
    • attempts to commit these acts
  176. what is AER motto
    helping the army take care of its own
  177. What is AER
    a private noprofit organization to collect and hold funds to relieve distress of members of the army and their dependents
  178. What does SOCAD stand for
    Service members opportunity college Army degrees
  179. What does DANTES stand for
    Defense Activity for Non-traditional Education Support
  180. What does DANTES do
    provides standardized testing services free to military personnel
  181. what is the first step in the first aid of a burn victim
    remove the casualty from the source of the burn
  182. Two prescribed methods for opening an airway
    • jaw thrust
    • head tilt/chin lift
  183. four types of burns
    • thermal
    • electrical
    • chemical
    • laser
  184. three categories used in medical evacuation
    • urgent- within 2 hours
    • priority-within 4 hours
    • routine-within 24 hours
  185. what are some two man carrying methods in first aid
    • two man support carry
    • two hand seat carry
    • four hand seat carry
  186. what are some one man carrying methods in first aid
    • firemans
    • saddleback
    • neck drag
    • arms carry
  187. What are the 8 steps to evaluating a casualty
    • check responsiveness
    • breathing
    • pulse bleeding
    • shock
    • fractures
    • burns
    • head injuries
  188. What does COLD stand for
    • Clean - clothing clean
    • Overheating- avoid overheating
    • Loose- wear clothing loose and in layers
    • Dry- keep them dry
    • used to prevent cold weather injuries
  189. How long is direct pressure applied to control bleeding
    5 to 10 min
  190. What are the symptoms of shock
    • cool clammy skin
    • restlessness and nervousness
    • thirst
    • loss of blodd
    • confusino
    • fast breathing
    • nausea
    • blotched or bluish skin
    • profuse sweating
    • unconscious
  191. what is the first indication of frostbite
    skin becomes numb and white patches form on it
  192. What is the treatment for heat stroke
    • cool immediately by
    • moving to a shady area
    • lossen restrictive clothing
    • elevate legs
    • allow them to drink at least one canteen full of water if conscious
  193. symptoms of heat stroke
    • skin hot, red, dry
    • weakness
    • dizziness
    • confusion
    • headaches
    • seizures
    • nausea
    • stomach pains
    • respiration and pulse may be rapid and weak
    • unconsciousness
  194. what is first aid
    the first care given to casualties before medical personnel arrive or give care
  195. what is uniques about O type blood
    universal donor
  196. what is the object of first aid
    • stop bleeding
    • overcome shock
    • relieve pain
    • prevent infection
  197. what are some stressors that influence behavior
    • fear
    • hunger
    • illness
    • anxiety
    • fatigue
  198. in communication there three important parts to the information exchanged
    • message
    • content
    • context
  199. what are qualities of an effective counselor
    • respect for subordinates
    • self awareness
    • cultural awareness
    • empathy
    • credibility
  200. what is the objective of counseling
    for one person to help another
  201. what are three leader counseling skills leaders should seek to develop and improve
    • active listening
    • responding
    • questioning
  202. how many human needs are there
    • 4
    • physical
    • social
    • security
    • spiritual
  203. 4 stages tp a counseling process
    • ID the need
    • prepare the counseling
    • conduct the counseling
    • follow up
  204. what are the 4 basic components of a counseling session
    • opening
    • discussing
    • developing the plan
    • recording and closing the session
  205. what are the characteristics of effective counseling
    • perpose
    • fexibility
    • respect
    • communication
    • support
  206. what was the blue book also known as
    the regulations for the order and discipline of the troops of the United States
  207. 4 types of chemical agents
    • nerve
    • blister
    • blood
    • choking
  208. chemical agents are classified by U.S into 3 categories
    • persistent
    • non persistant
    • dusty
  209. what is the best way to protect against biological agents
    personal hygiene
  210. what is a vector
    an insect used to disseminate biological agents (fleas, ticks...)
  211. How may chemical agents be deployed
    • arterial spray
    • artillery bomb
    • pollution of water, food and supplies
    • mines
  212. Of these 3 what causes the most casualties
    blood, blister, or Nerve agents
    Nerve agents
  213. three levels of decontamination
    • immediate
    • operational
    • thorough
  214. soldiers in MOPP 4 may lose how much water per hour through perspiration
    1 quart or more
  215. three fundamentals of NBC defense
    • avoid contamination
    • protection
    • decontamination
  216. NBC hazards are classified into two types what are they
    • immediate hazards
    • residual hazards
  217. what does JLIST stand for
    Joint service lightweight integrated suit technology
  218. what are the mopp level and how many are there
    • there are 5
    • mopp 0- nothing worn just available
    • mopp 1- jlist worn w/ mask, gloves, footwear ready
    • mopp 2- jlist worn w/ footwear
    • mopp 3- mask, hood, footwear, jlist worn
    • mopp 4- everything worn
  219. what are the 5 basic fundamentals that commanders and leaders must use with training
    • move
    • shoot
    • communicate
    • sustain
    • secure
  220. What is band of excellence
    range of proficiency within which a unit is capable of executing its wartime METL tasks
  221. what does battle focus drive
    the development of the METL
  222. what is STX
    situational training exercise
  223. what is FTX
    field training exercise
  224. ten principles to training
    commanders are responsible for training

    NCOs train

    train as combined arms

    train for proficiency -realistic combat conditions and performance

    train to standard

    train to adapt

    train to maintain and sustain

    train using multi echelon techniques
  225. How do commanders develop their units METL
    based on war and external directives
  226. What is the number one principle of peacetime training
    Replicate battlefield conditions
  227. What does effective training require
    personal time, energy, and guidance of commanders
  228. Name the 3 field expedient methods of determining direction
    Shadow tip method, the watch method, and the north start method
  229. what are the two rings on a lensetic compass used for
    • red ring is for degrees
    • the black ring is for mils
  230. What does FLOT mean
    foward line of troops
  231. large scale map is
    1:75,000 or 1:50,000
  232. medium scale map is
    1:250,000/1:1,000,000 used for operational planning
  233. small scale map is
    1:1,000,000 and smaller used for general planning
  234. what is a benchmark
    a man made marker showing points of elevation
  235. How many time would the bezel ring on a lensetic compass click if it were fully rotated
  236. A bezel ring click on the lensetic compass is equal to how many degrees
  237. what colors are used for a map and what do they represent
    • blue-friendly
    • red-enemy
    • black- boundries
    • yellow-contaminated area friendly/enemy
    • green-obstacles friendly/enemy
  238. what is a map
    a geographic representation of a portion of the earths surface drawn to scale as seen from above
  239. 2 supplementary terrain features
    • cut
    • fill
  240. 3 minor terrain features
    • draw
    • spur
    • cliff
  241. 5 major terrain features
    • hill
    • ridge
    • valley
    • saddle
    • depression
  242. how many mils per degree
  243. 3 types of contour lines
    • index
    • intermediate
    • supplementary
  244. what was the longest war in U.S history
    Vietnam War
  245. what year did the korean war start
  246. Congress authorized the creation of the Medal of Honor on what date
    12 July 1862
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