Intro to Bio EXAM 1

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  1. physical science
    physics, astronomy, chemistry
  2. Biology
    study of life
  3. Natural science
    natural phenomenon (and biological life)
  4. Classifying organisms
    according to properties
  5. Taxonomy
    • branch of biology that names and
    • classifies species into groups of increasing breadth
  6. Kingdoms of Life
    • Domain
    • Kingdom
    • Phylum 
    • Class
    • Order 
    • Family
    • Genus 
    • Species
  7. 3 Domains
    • Archaea
    • Bacteria
    • Eukarya
  8. Pseudoscience
    • individuals make scientific-sounding claims
    • that are not supported by trustworthy, methodical scientific studies
  9. Anecdotal observations
    • based on only one or a few observations, people conclude that there is or is
    • not a link between two things.
  10. scientific method
    Step 1: Make observations.Step 2: Formulate a hypothesis.Step 3: Devise a testable prediction.Step 4: Conduct a critical experiment.Step 5: Draw conclusions and make revisions.
  11. hypothesis
    • –Proposed explanation for a natural
    • phenomenon

    • –Proposition based on previous
    • observations or experimental studies
  12. theory
    widely accepted hypothesis
  13. living vs non living
    • reproduce via DNA
    • grow and develop
    • take energy from environment
    • sense and respond to environment (plant towards sun) 
    • maintain constant internal conditions (homeostasis)
    • evolve over time
  14. hierarchy of life
    atom, molecule, cell, tissue, organ, organism, population, community, ecosystem, biosphere
  15. Archea
    prokaryotes in extreme environments
  16. Bacteria
    single cell living anywhere unicellular
  17. eukarya
    uni and multicellular
  18. discovery based science
    collection and analysis of data without hypothesis ie jane goodal
  19. control group
    constant don't change
  20. experimental group
    • variables 
    • independent (changes/cause)
    • dependent (measured on IV/effect)
  21. eliminate bias
    double blind study
  22. size and sample 
    standardize conditions
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