Properties of Water EXAM 1

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  1. special properties of water
    • universal solvent
    • surface tension
    • solid less dense than liquid
    • high heat capasity
    • cohesion
    • evaporative cooling
  2. what gives water surface tension
    v shaped water molecule
  3. water polar or nonpolar
    polar thus creating hydrogen bonds
  4. 4 emergent properties due to hydrogen bonds
    • Cohesive behavior
    • Ability to moderate temperature
    • Expansion upon freezing
    • Versatility as a solvent
  5. solution
    molecules mixed up (sweet tea)
  6. solvent
    doing dissolving (water)
  7. solute
    dissolved substance (sugar)
  8. in ice vs water molecules
    • ice is stable
    • liquid break and reform
  9. kinetic energy
    energy of motion
  10. heat
    total kinetic energy due to motion
  11. temperature
    average kinetic engergy
  12. adhesion
    ie water to cell wall
  13. cohesion
    water to water molecule
  14. why is water unique
    • Because of the covalent bonds between the oxygen and hydrogen.
    • Because of its ability to hydrogen bond.
    • Because of its ability to make and break ionic bonds.
    • Because the electrons are shared equally between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms.
  15. water is a solevent
    • Due to polarity and H-bonding, water dissolves many substances
    • Hydrophilic – molecules attracted to water
    • Hydrophobic – molecules not attracted to water
    • Water causes NaCl to dissociate
  16. acid
    more H+ in solution (1-7)
  17. neutral
    H+ to OH is equal (7)
  18. base
    OH is more than H+ (7-14)
  19. Buffer
    accept or release H+ to keep PH stable
  20. why is PH important
    • homeostasis
    • affect rate of chemical reaction
    • affect shape
    • how molecules bind together
    • affect how dissolve in water
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