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  1. What are implies powers?
    • Powers not specifically implied in the const but deduced from the text
    • helps keep the const living because they can be reinterpretted
  2. What are powers denied congress?
    • Can't pass Ex post facto
    • Can't suspend habeas corpus
    • None can pass any bill of attainder
  3. What are executive powers?
    Powers in the const to implement and enforce laws
  4. What are inherent powers of the president?
    • Powers that automatically go with the prez
    • Not listed as part of his duty
    • act of diplomacy
    • Not to wait for congress
  5. What was the patriot act?
    • expanded the Secretary of the Treasury‚Äôs authority to regulate financial transactions
    • broadened the discretion of law enforcement and immigration authorities in detaining and deporting immigrants suspected of terrorism-related acts.
  6. What was the voting rights act of 1965?
    Outlawed discrimitory voting practices
  7. What is the glass ceiling?
    Unofficial barrier to advancement in profession affecting women and minorites
  8. What is an appropriations committee?
    In charge of setting specific expenditures of $ in the gov't
  9. What is a quorum?
    Min #of an assembly that must be present to make a meeting valid
  10. What does the OMB do?
    • In charge of setting budget in america
    • Approves budget for the prez
    • Oversees agency programs and policies
    • Sees if these programs comply with prez policies
  11. What is the SOTU address?
    Allows prez to report conditions of the nation and outline their legislative agenda and national priorities
  12. What is bully pulpit?
    Public office or position of authority that provides its occupant with the opportunity to speck on an issue
  13. What's a line item veto?
    Veto that authorizes the executive branch to reject certain provisions of a bill without vetoing the whole thing
  14. What's the difference in original and appelete jurisdiction?
    • Original-court to hear a case for the first time
    • Appelete-power of a court to review a decision of a lower court to change out comes of decisions
  15. What is an independent regilorory agency?
    • Agency created by congress and does not operate with cabinet structure
    • Nasa
    • Cia
    • Federal reserve board
  16. What's a linkage institution?
    • Structure within a society that connects people to gov
    • Elections
    • Political parties
    • Interest groups
    • Media
  17. What ia party realignment? Dealignment?
    • Re-when a minority party becomes stronger than a majority party
    • De-when no certain party is dominent
  18. What is retail politics?
    Type of campaign where the candidate focuses on local events and meets individual voters
  19. What is super Tuesday?
    Day when states hold primary elections
  20. What is soft money? Hard
    • Soft-unregulated amounts of money to a campaign that's not documented
    • Hard-the opposite
  21. What are independent expenditures?
    Political campaign communication that advocates the election
  22. What's a sound byte?
    • Short extract from a recorded interview
    • Chooses for purgery or appropriateness
  23. What's a photo op?
    • Photo opportunity
    • Event that leads to pics for publicity
  24. What's the freedom of info act?
    Allows access by general public to data held by nat gov
  25. What are sunshine laws?
    Laws requiring certain proceedings of gov agencies to be open or available to public
  26. What's horse race journalism?
    Journalism that focuses more on who is ahead rather than the issues
  27. What's direct lobbying? Grassroots?
    • Direct-attempt to influence laws through communication directly with gov rep
    • grassroots-attempt to influence laws through attempt to affect opinions of general public or any segment of the public
  28. What's a lobbying reform?
    Things to regulate lobbying
  29. What's agenda setting?
    Theory that mass news media have large influence on an audience of their choice of what stories to report
  30. What was the congressional budget and inpoundment act of 1974?
    Us fed law that governs the role of congress in the budget process
  31. What is gramm-rudman act?
    • Acts of cutting back budget deficit
    • Requires automatic sequester cuts if the deficit exceeds a set of fixed targets
  32. What is a continuing resolution?
    • Appropriation legislation of congress to fund gov agencies if a formal appropriations bill has not been signed into law by the and of the congressional fiscal year
    • Allows congress to continue funding something even though nothing has been appropriated
  33. What is mandatory spending?
    • Spending on certain programs that's required by law
    • Medicare
    • Ss
  34. What is the poverty line?
    Estimated min level of income needs to secure necessities of life
  35. What is the welfare reform act of 1996?
    Shift in both method and goal of fed cash assistance to poor
  36. What's john Marshall court?
    • Court established by 4th chief justice whose opinions helped lay basis for american const law
    • Made supreme court a co-equal branch of gov
  37. What's fiscal federalism?
    • Study of how comprenciy (expenditure sides) and fiscal instruments (revenue sides) are allocated across different vertical layers of administration
    • Federalism that determines what funding should go to which level of gov
  38. What is transparency?
    Seeing what the gov does when it meets
  39. What is discretionary spending?
    Spending of the gov that are set on a yearly basis
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