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  1. Missouri department of health vs Cruzan
    People have the right to refuse treatment under due process clause
  2. Heart of Atlanta Hotel vs US
    Hotels and motels must provide accomidations for black americans
  3. Us term limits vs Thornton
    Reps/senate can run as much as they want
  4. Vernonia school district vs acton
    School districts can have random drug tests for atheletes
  5. Casey vs planned parenthood
    Upheld all abortion regulations
  6. Reynolds vs US
    Kept polygamy outlawed; said that a religious ritural didn't mean you could do whatever you want
  7. Bakke vs University of Cali board of Regents
    Race can not be a factor from excluding someone from something that's federal funded
  8. Weber vs us steel workers
    Banned all forms racial discrimination in employment against balcks and whites. Also said blacks will have an easier time finding employment cause of what they've gone through
  9. Us vs virginia
    Male and female admission into schools, specifically virginia military institute
  10. Skokie vs nazi party
    Must treat everygroup the same
  11. Oregon vs Smith
    States could deny unemployment benefits to someone fired for violating prohibition on peyote, even if used for religious ritual
  12. New jersey vs TLO
    Search and seizure in schools was not ok
  13. Gideon vs Wainwright
    Granted indigents right to counsel
  14. Korematso vs US
    Imprisonment of japenese americans was constitutional
  15. Gruswold vs Connecticut
    Established constitutions right to privacy
  16. Citizens united vs FEC
    Corporations can donate as much as they want to PACS
  17. Chaplinsky vs new hampshire
    Established Supreme Courts rationale for distinguishing between protected and unprotected speech
  18. Miranda vs arizona
    Requires individuals arrested to be informed of their right to remain silent and have counsel present
  19. Barran vs baltimore
    states do no have to follow const (bor only applies to nature gov)
  20. Brown vs board of education
    School segregation is unconstitutional
  21. Dred scott vs sanford
    Us lacked power to ban slavery in territories
  22. Plessy vs ferguson
    Separate but equal is ok
  23. Gitlow vs new york
    States must follow the US const (bor applies to the states)
  24. Buckley vs valeo
    Can use as much money as you want on your own campaign
  25. Texas vs johnson
    Burning flag was legal if done saftely
  26. Mapp vs ohio
    Illegally obtained evidence can't be used in trial
  27. Marbury vs madison
    initiated judicial review
  28. Us vs nixon
    Executive privilage doesn't grant the prez an absolute right to secure all prez documents
  29. Dejonge vs oregon
    Enacted freedon of assembly
  30. Tinker vs desmoines
    Upheld right to wear black armbands in protest of the war
  31. Bush vs gore
    Florida's recount making bush prez
  32. Us vs lopez
    Up to states to regulate gun control in school zones
  33. Roe vs wade
    Woman's right to abortion is protected by right of privacy
  34. Gregg vs georgia
    Georgia's rewritten death penalty was const
  35. Mcculloch vs maryland
    Denied right for state to tax bank
  36. Baker vs carr
    one man one vote
  37. Gibbons vs odgen
    Congressional power over interstate commerce
  38. Scheneck vs US
    Congress can limit freedom of speech if it puts a person in clear and present danger
  39. Ny times vs us
    Washington post could publish pentagon papers without punishment
  40. Engel vs vitale
    Said school prayer was unconst
  41. Near vs minnisota
    Made states give freedom of press
  42. Lemon vs kurtzman
    Decided gov't assistance to religious schools was unconst. Court credeted what has become known as the lemon test for deciding if a law is in violation of the establishment clause
  43. Wolf vs colorado
    Illegally obtained evidence could be used in trial if found by accident
  44. Title 9
    Can't discriminate against woman in an educational institution
  45. Affirmative action
    If 2 ppl are equal (one black one white) accept the black for position
  46. Civil rights act of 1964
    Law passed by Congress saying no discrimination or segregation
  47. Civil rights
    What gov't does to help people discriminated against
  48. Civil liberties
    Individual rights you have as a citizen in BOR
  49. Free exercise clause
    Gov't can't prohibit right of religion
  50. Establishment clause
    Gov't can't make a nat. Religion and convert everyone
  51. Due process clause*
    State must respect all legal rights that are owed to a person according to the law
  52. Prior restraint
    Can't be punished for something unless you say or so something
  53. Alien and sedition acts
    Gov't made it illegal to speak against them
  54. Amendment 14
    Born in US= citizen. Everyone is treated equally under law
  55. Poll tax
    Tax to vote
  56. Grandfather clause
    If g-pa voted then so can you
  57. Literacy test
    Test to see if you could vote
  58. De jure discrimination
    Discrimination by law
  59. De facto discri,ination
    Discrimination by choice
  60. Jim crow laws
    Laws in favor of segregation
  61. Amendment 1
    freedom of speech, religion, petition, press and assembly
  62. Amendment 5
    • Freedon from self incrimination
    • Eminent domain
    • No double jeprody
    • Right to grand jury
  63. Amendment 6
    • Speedy, public trial
    • Impartial jury
    • Trials in state where committed
    • Notice of crime
    • Right to confront and obtain witness
    • Right to counsel
  64. Amendment 9
    Rights researved to the people
  65. Amendment 22
    Limit of presidential terms
  66. Clear and present danger
    When you say something to endanger someone
  67. Direct insightment
    To see if something you said led to violence (purposefully)
  68. Bad tendency
    Say something that leads to someone else breaking the law
  69. Slander
    spoken speech
  70. Libel
    Written speech
  71. Incorporation
    States and local gov't have to follow the const
  72. Selective incorporation
    Case by case about speech that helped establish incorporation
  73. Constitutional protections for persons accused of crime
    1) arrest on warrent or prebable cause (habeas corpus) 2)informed of rights 3)no third degree or coerced confession 4)grand jury or prosecutor weighs evidence 5)informed of charge by indictment or info 6) speedy and public trial 7)verdict 8)amendment 8 9) right to appeal
  74. Lurcher v Stanford daily
    • Prohibits search and seizures related to journalism I
    • Unless publisher is suspected of crime
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