Social 30 - Unit 1 Definitions

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  1. Ideology
    a system of thought based on beliefs and values that include ideas about how the world works.
  2. revolutionary
    is a person who actively advocates revolution
  3. reactionary
    Person who holds politic view points of returning to past political view.
  4. Progressivism
    The idea of moving forward to new political ideas, and changing from the past.
  5. status quo
    the norm that current culture is attuned to
  6. tradition
    the way something has always been done.
  7. Liberalism
    The ideology based on the importance of individual liberty and values of individualism.
  8. Conservatism
    Conservatism is a political and social philosophy that promotes retaining traditional social institutions
  9. Extremism
    A form of protest by the use of violence
  10. Individualism
    An ideology that values the rights and freedoms of an individual.
  11. collectivism
    an ideology that places the needs and goals of a collective or group, before those of the individuals within the group
  12. Anarchism
    Anarchism is a political philosophy that advocates stateless societies based on non-hierarchical free associations
  13. Authoritarianism
    the political system where only a small group or one single person governs the land.
  14. Capitalism
    an economic system in which capital assets are privately owned and goods and services are produced for profitin a market economy
  15. Democracy
    a political system where the people have the power to vote to influence the goverments decisions.
  16. Fascism
    and authoritarian system of goverment with idealogies of: Elitism, Military Extremism and totalitarian.
  17. Socialism
    Is the idea of equal opportunity, not total equality.
  18. Radicals
    The idea of changing social structure over politics.
  19. Moderates
    A person who makes change, without the use of violence.
  20. Social Contract
    A public contract, where the people agree to be governed to gain benifits in society.
  21. Individual Right and Freedoms
    • The rights associated with personal liberty.
    • Eg. Religion, right to education
  22. Self Interest
    Ones purpose to satisfy their own needs.
  23. Competition
    The struggle among two or more people or groups for an economic, social or political advantage.
  24. Rule of Law
    The idea that the law is above all the people, and No people are above the Law.
  25. Private Property
    Materialistic ownership over Items (Or land) By an individual.
  26. Collective Responsibility
    A groups responsibility for each of its individual members.
  27. Collective Interest
    The set of goals or ideals that members of a group to pursue together.
  28. Cooperation
    A group of people working together to achieve one common goal.
  29. economic equality
    A foundation a government can instill in taxes deductions to make the people wages the same.
  30. Collective Norms
    Is behavior that groups of people act upon.
  31. Public Property`
    Property that is not owned by an individual, But by the government for public use.
  32. Class
    Distinction of levels of people by their economic status. (Lower, Middle and Upper Class)
  33. Nation
    A large constituency of people with like minded values and outlooks.
  34. Culture
    A peoples way of life. I.E. Tradition, History and lifestyle.
  35. Language
    A Collective of peoples way of communication with one another.
  36. Environment
    The surround land of a Nation. (the outdoors)
  37. Gender
    The different sexes of Humankind.
  38. Religion
    A Collective of people with like Values and Belief under one calling.
  39. Adam Smith
    Philospher of the modern Economy. The pioneer of the Capitalist system.
  40. Limited Government
    A state of governance, where the government has little control over its people.
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