Terminology Test 3

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  1. -adip/o
  2. -lip/o
  3. -cutane/o
  4. -dermat/o
  5. -kerat/o
    • horny tissue
    • hard
    • cornea
  6. -melan/o
  7. -myc/o
    fungus (plural fungi)
  8. -onych/o
  9. -ungu/o
  10. -pil/o
  11. -scler/o
  12. -seb/o
    • sebum
    • sebaceous
  13. -squam/o
  14. abscess
    • localized collection of pus at the site of an infection
    • Characteristically a STAPH infection
  15. localized collection of pus at the site of an infection
    Characteristically STAPH
  16. acne
    Inflammatory disease of the sebaceous gland and hair follicles of the skin

    Blackheads, pustules, nodules, cysts
  17. alopecia
    partial or complete loss of hair resulting from normal aging

    endocrine disorder, a drug reaction, anticancer medication, or a skin disease
  18. cellulitis
    Diffuse (widespread) acute infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissue

    light glossy appearance of skin, localized heat, redness, pain
  19. ecchymosis
    • skin discoloration consisting of a large, irregularly formed hemorrhagic area
    • with colors changing from blue-black to greenish brown or yellow

  20. eczema
    • chronic inflammatory skin condition
    • characterized by erythema, crusts,  papules, vesicles, intense itching

    atopic dermatitis
  21. erythema
    redness caused by swelling of the capillaries
  22. eschar
    Dead matter that is sloughed off from the surface of the skin, especially after a burn

    commonly crusted or scabbed
  23. hirsutism
    excessive growth of hair in unusual places
  24. keratosis
    thickened are of the epidermis or the horny growth on the skin

    callus or wart
  25. lentigo
    • small brown macules, especially on the face and arms, brought on by sun exposure
    • usually in middle aged or older person
  26. pallor
    unnatural paleness or absence of color in the skin
  27. pediculosis
    • infestation of lice
    • transmitted by personal contact or common use of brushes, combs or headgear
  28. petechia
    Minute, pinpoint hemorrhage under the skin
  29. pruritis
    intense itching
  30. purpura
    • any of several bleeding disorders
    • characterized by hemorrhage into the tissues particularly beneath the skin or mucous membrane
    • producing ecchymosis or petechiae
  31. scabies
    Contagious skin disease transmitted by the itch mite, commonly through sexual contact-
  32. urticaria
    • allergic reaction of the skin
    • characterized by the eruption of pale red, elevated patches called wheals or hives
  33. -tinea
    fungal skin infection whose name commonly indicates the body part affected
  34. -urticaria
  35. anyklosis
    • stiffening and immobility of a joint
    • result of disease, trauma, surgery, or abnormal bone fusion
  36. contracture
    • Fibrosis of connective tissue in the skin, fascia, muscle or joint capsule
    • prevents normal mobility of the related tissue or joint
  37. crepitation
    • Dry, grating sound or sensation
    • caused by bone ends rubbing together
    • indicating a fracture or joint destruction
  38. exacerbation
    • Increase in severity of a disease or any of its symptoms
    • also called flare
  39. hypotonia
    Loss of muscular tone or diminished resistance to passive stretching
  40. -phantom limb
    perceived sensation, following amputation of a limb, that the limb still exists
  41. prosthesis
    replacement of  missing limb with and artificial substitute
  42. sprain
    tearing of a ligament tissue that may be slight, moderate, or complete
  43. strain
    Muscular trauma caused by violent contraction or an excessive forcible stretch
  44. subluxation
    Partial or incomplete dislocation
  45. talipes equinovarous
    Congenital deformity of one or both feet in which the foot is pulled downward and laterally to the side, also called clubfoot
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