bi110 exam 1

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  1. Define the biologically relevant interactions (bonds) between molecules-
    • o   Ionic bonds- a atom donates or receives  an electron and the charged ions attract each other through electrostatic attraction o   Pure covalent bonds- two atoms share a pair of electron evenly
    • o   Polar covalent bonds- two atoms share a pair of electrons unevenly where the more electronegative atom gets them more, partial positives and partial negatives are formed.
    • o   Hydrogen bonds- A weak electrostatic bond which arises from the attraction between the slight positive charge on a hydrogen atom and a slight negative charge on a nearby oxygen or nitrogen atom.
  2. List functional groups commonly found in biological molecules
    ·       methyl, hydroxyl, amino, carboxyl, aldehyde, phosphate, sulfhydryl, phenyl
  3. List from memory the electronegativity of carbon,nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen.
    ·       O(3.4) N(3.0) C(2.6) H(2.2)
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