Chapter 5

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  1. Body of Knowledge
    Called a knowledge base

    provides the rationale (why) the nursing interventions

    Evidence based care
  2. Sources of Knowledge
    - Traditional- passed down from generation

    - Authoritative- comes from an expert

    - Scientific- arrived thru scientific method

    nursing focuses on scientific knowledge commonly called evidence based care.
  3. Research in Nursing- to improve care and to advance nursing profession
    Clinical nursing journals

    Nursing research journals

    this helps to make nursing easy.
  4. Nursing Theory
    - Arrange a group of statements/concepts (thoughts, ideas) so they give meaning to a series of events

    • - developed to describe nursing
    •       who we are, what we do, why we do it

    • - Four concepts common to most nursing theories
    •     person (pt), environment, health, nursing
  5. Nursing theory- manying nursing theorist and theories
    • Provides uniform approach to nursing practice
    •    serves as a guide so people respond in a consistent manner

    provides a foundation/organization for the educational plan in schools of nursing

    serves as a guide for all phases of nursing process.
  6. Joint Commission fo Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations JCAHO
    concerns for patient safety

    panel of patient safety experts

    identifies patient risk

    NPSC determines highest priority and makes suggestions to Jcaho
  7. Patient Id - Goal 1
    Improve accuracy.

    use two patient identifiers

    ex name and birth

    applied to giving meds, labeling specimen, drawing specimen, receiving blood
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