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  1. Two major weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation are:
    • -Did not have the power to tax or regulate trade­
    • -Needed 9/13 states to pass laws and 13/13 to change it
  2. Events such as Shay’s rebellion led to the demand for a stronger national government because
    • -those with the most to lose felt afraid of losing our country to anarchy.
    • -Daniel Shays led a rebellion and overtook a federal arsenal.
  3. _________is called the “Father of the Constitution” because
    James Madison, he wrote most of it.
  4. The Virginia Plan
    favored the large states because of population
  5. The New Jersey Plan
    favored the smaller states who wanted equal representation
  6. The Connecticut Compromise was called the __________ because
    • “Great Compromise”
    • it solved the biggest debate, which  was over how to determine representation.
  7. The three sources from which the Framers drew inspiration were.
    • -History of Rome and England ­
    • -Philosophies of Locke and Hobbes­
    • -Their experience in government
  8. Ben Franklin and James Madison felt that the new Constitution was
    not perfect, but as close as it could be.
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