Epithelial Tissues

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  1. Name this tissue.
    Simple Squamous Epithelium
  2. Name this tissue.
    Simple Cuboidal Epithelium
  3. Name this tissue.
    Simple Columnar Epithelium
  4. Name this tissue.

    Stratified Squamous Epithelium
  5. Where in the body are simple squamous ET found?
    Capillary walls and in the air sacs of the lungs
  6. Where in the body are simple cuboidal ET found?
    In the ducts of glands and tubules of the kidneys.
  7. Where in the body are simple columnar ET found?
    Lining of the stomach and intestines
  8. Where in the body are stratified squamous ET found?
    The epidermis of the mouth, skin, and esophagus.
  9. Identify the numbered structures in this tissue.
    • 1) Goblet cell - makes mucous
    • 2) Nucleus
    • 3) Cell membrane; basal surface (bottom)
    • } A simple columnar cell
  10. Identify the labeled structures.
    • A) Central nucleus
    • B) Lumen
    • C) Basement (basal) membrane¬†
    • D) Cell membrane
    • E) Cytoplasm

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Epithelial Tissues
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anatomy epithelial tissue basic physiology

Basics of different types of epithelial tissues.
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