Kelly; Chapter 8 & 9

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  1. Who designed the 10 story Wainwright building?
    Luis Sullivan
  2. Who spearheaded the movement for planned urban parks?
    Fredrick Law Olmsted
  3. who introduced the Kodak camera?
    George Eastman
  4. who was the founder of Tuskegee institute in 1881?
    Brooker T. Washington
  5. who helped organize the NAACP in 1909?
    W.E.B. Du Bois
  6. what did you have to pay before you could vote?
    poll tax
  7. what was the grandfather clause?
    if your grandfather had voted before reconstruction, you could vote.
  8. segregation?
    separation of races
  9. what were the laws created to enforce segregation?
    Jim Crow Laws
  10. Plessy VS Ferguson
    • -1896
    • -declared separate, but equal concept constitutional
  11. American leisure time consisted of....
    • -sports
    • -bicycling
    • -amusement parks
  12. Who bought the New York World and introduced a large Sunday edition, comics, sports, and women's news?
    Joseph Pulitzer
  13. Who owned the New York Morning Journal and tried to outdo Pulitzer?
    William Randolph Hearst
  14. Who led the way to the creation of department stores?
    Marshall Fields
  15. Who led the way to the creation of chain stores?
    Frank Woolworth
  16. Rural free delivery (RFD)?
    delivered packages to your home for free.
  17. The reform movement of the early 1900's concerned with problems of urbanization and industrialization was..
  18. Who became an advocate for improving the lives of women and children?
    Florence Kelly
  19. What group feared that alcohol was undermining American morals?
    Women Christian Temperates Union (WCTU)
  20. what were journalists who uncovered the wrongdoings on the part of politicians or corporations?
  21. Who led the way in regulating big businesses?
    Robert M. La Follette
  22. what gave voters the power to introduce legislation?
  23. When citizens can force the legislature to place a recently passed law on the ballot is..
  24. what enables voters to remove an official from office?
  25. what amendment gave voters the power to elect their senators directly?
  26. 4 beliefs of Progressives
    • 1. Gov't should be more accountable to its citizens
    • 2. gov't should control power and influence of the wealthy
    • 3. gov't should be involved in improving the lives of all citizens
    • 4. gov't should become more efficient and less corrupt
  27. Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
    • - March 25, 1911
    • - 145 garmet workers died
    • - new, strict building codes were passed
  28. Reasons why women were denied the right to vote were...
    • - it was not a woman's place
    • -would increase the divorce rate 
    • - liquor industry did not want them to 
    • - factories did not want them to 
    • -would reopen black voting rights
  29. in what amendment did women gain the right to vote?
  30. Who won the election of 1900? who was running against him?
    • William Mckinley - Republican (won)
    • William Jennings Bryan - Democrat (lost)
  31. TR's fair and equal treatment for all people was the...
    Square Deal
  32. What were the 6 major achievements of the square deal?
    • 1. increased federal power
    • 2. mediated coal strike
    • 3. regulate the trust
    • 4. regulates transportation
    • 5. protecting our health
    • 6. protecting our environment
  33. Who won the election of 1904?
  34. In 1906, who wrote a book exposing the meatpacking industry and what was it called?
    Upton Sinclair; The Jungle
  35. Pure food and drug Act forbade the _________, __________, and ___________ of food and medical products containing harmful ingredients.
    manufacturing, transportation, selling
  36. What was conservation?
    preserving of our land
  37. Who was the head of the Forestry Service in 1905?
    Gifford Pinchot
  38. Who won the election of 1908? Who ran against him?
    • William Taft - Republican (won)
    • William Jennings Bryan - Democrat (lost)
  39. Ballinger-Pinchot Affair- when secretary of Interior Richard Ballinger fired Gifford Pinchot as head of he Forestry Commission for criticizing the sale of land in ________.
  40. Who won the election of 1912? Who ran against him?
    • Woodrow Wilson - Democrat (won)
    • William Taft - Republican (lost)
    • Teddy - Republican (lost)
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