us history unit 1

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  1. Aztecs
    native american group that believed in human sacrifice and were lead by Montezuma, had an advanced society, later attacked by Cortes, had been able to create a complex society because of the excess of food
  2. Bacons Rebellion
    Nathaniel Bacon upset over how the less wealthy settlers were being treated at Jamestown led a rebellion to bring attention to the plight of these people (settlers on the frontier) after Bacon died the rebellion soon was finished as well
  3. Balboa
    explored central america and 'discovered' the pacific ocean
  4. Caravel
    New type of sailing ship that allowed the Europeans to travel farther than they had in the past
  5. Caribbean and Europeans
    Biggest effect was disease- because the Native Americans did not have immunity to these diseases they were wiped out in many areas
  6. Champlain
    He explores the great lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway area
  7. Chief Metacom
    part of King Philips war- waged war on the Puritan settlements
  8. columbian exchange
    The exchange of goods / disease between the europeans and the native americans
  9. Columbus and his voyages to america
    He made 4 voyages to america looking for a route to asia- when Colombus died he felt that he had been unsuccessful, led to more rivalries between different countries
  10. de Sota
    Explored the south east US
  11. Encomienda
    a system in which spanish authorities grantes colonial landlords the service of native as forced labors, hope was to make a lot of $, didn't work very well
  12. Europeans new knowledge
    compass, astrolobe, sailing in general gave them the ability to travel farther
  13. French colonization
    French fur trading-> NA relationships, the french had a great relationship with the NA, they benefited form each other
  14. headright system
    NA companies policy of granting land to settlers
  15. Hernando Cortes
    Spanish explorer who was able to defeat the Aztecs and Montezuma- burned the ships behind him so there would be no retreat
  16. How NA adapted to their enviorments
    Different groups adapted in different ways- North used furs for protection, while those in the deserts build their homes where they would stay coolest
  17. Hudson
    English and Dutch explorer who was in NY and in Canadian areas
  18. Indentured servants
    People that chose to give up years of their life working for someone who paid their transportation to america
  19. Jamestown - what made it profitable?
  20. Jamestown's problems
    built in swap, NA problems, too many gentlemen vs. skilled craftsmen, Joint stock company
  21. Juan Ponce de Leon
    explorer who named and explored Florida, searched for the fountain of youth
  22. magellan
    explorer group that circumnavigated the world
  23. mayflower compact
    agreement signed by the people on the mayflower to determine how their government would be run, signed by all the males on ship
  24. Montezuma
    leader of the aztecs that believed that a fair skinned god was coming to help them
  25. Olmec
    early native american culture in central america
  26. Puritans views and attitudes
    expectation of hard work for common goals, religious group that wanted to seperate from the church of england (pilgrims)
  27. Renaissance
    rebirth, changing of ideas that lead to more exploration and experimentation, confidence in human capabilities
  28. riches/ money
    the main reason that people looked at the new world- opportunity
  29. Rise of agriculture effect on native americans
    excess of food made it possible for people to become sedentary resulting in the opportunities for a more expanded culture, building of cities
  30. roger williams
    radical puritan that was kicked out of the pilgrims group, moved south and founded his own colony- Rhode island capital was/ providence
  31. seperatists
    aka pilgrims aka puritans- looking for a pure church
  32. Tiano
    First group of native americans that colombus met when he landed in the Caribbean
  33. Vespucci
    Spanish explorer that the US named after (Amerigo)
  34. Vikings
    explored north america near Canada around the year 1000, they were not able to maintain their bases here because unrest at home
  35. Virginia as a royal colony
    put Virginia under the royal/king's power in order to stop
  36. West Africans effect on European settlements
    gave the europeans the labor that was needed to grow labor intensive crops; at first were treated as indentured servants- over time they were treated worse and worse
  37. Why were Spanish in the american SW
    searching for gold and silver
  38. william penn
    founder of the PA colony, believed in social equality and religious tolerance, helping quakers to settle there, helped plan the city of Philadelphia
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