Support and Movement

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  1. Sessile
    Anchored in one place
  2. Myofibrils
    • Filaments embedded in muscle fibers
    • Further dived into contractile units
  3. Sarcomere
    • Contractile units of muscle
    • Thick and thin filaments
  4. Sacrolemma
    Membrance surrounding muscle fiber
  5. Image Upload
    • Z- Defines boundaries of single sacromere
    • M line- runs down center
    • I band- contains only filaments thin
    • H zone- Thick filaments only
    • A band- Spans entire length thick and thin overlap
    • During contraction A does not chang size, ony I band and H zone do because they contain only one type of filament
  6. Ach in muscle contraction
    must be cleared from synapse to stop signal
  7. As Action Potential reaches interior muscle what happens with calcium
    Power Stroke
    • Sarcroplasmic reticilum releases calcium
    • Calcium binds to tropin causing tropomysn to expose myosin binding site on actin
    • Myosin binds to actin creating bridge
    • Myosin pulls on actin and draws thin filaments to h zone and shortens sarcomere to A band length
  8. Powerstroke image
    Image Upload
  9. Threshold for contraction must be enough to
    • get response but below means no response
    • above threshold response can increase depending on stimulus
  10. Smooth Muscle
    involuntary actions by ANS, slower contractions
  11. Skeleton Function
    Support, movement, protection
  12. Hydrostatic Skeleton
    • Fluid Skeleton, under lots of pressure within body cavity
    • ex: earth worms
  13. Exoskeleton
    Hard shell
  14. Endoskeleton
    Cartilage and bones
  15. Cartilage
    • Connectie tissue made from flexible chrondrocyte cells
    • Most lack blood vessels and nerves
  16. Diaphysis
    • Clyindrical shape of long bones
    • Compact bone around bone marrow
  17. Epiphyses
    Dilated ends of long bones
  18. Bone Marrow
    Where red and white blood cells are made
  19. Epipyseal Plate
    • Growth plate made of cartilaginous disk seperates diaphysis from epiphysis
    • site longitudinal growth
    • when growth stops plate solidifies
  20. Periosteum
    Fibrous sheath that protects bone
  21. Haversian Canal
    Tiny channels that allow nutrients into bones
  22. Canaliculi Channel
    Channel that eliminates waster
  23. Pseudopods
    Ameboid organisms
  24. Chemotaxis
    Move in direction based on gradient of diffusable chemical signals
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