Gait Deviations

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  1. Stride length and time inequality; stance phase longer on one side.
    Slow Cadence (<steps per minute)
  2. Shoulder and pelvis: arm swing reciprocal and equal
    General muscle weakness.
  3. Lateral trunk lean
    May be associated with gluteus medius weakness ipsilateral.
  4. Excessive pelvic drop
    Weakness of gluteus on contralateral side.
  5. Excessive pelvic FWD rotation.
    Tight hip flexors, limited hip extension.
  6. Excessive hip flexion during swing
    Weak DF, weak hamstrings, increased hip flexor muscle tone.
  7. Hip IR
    Tight ER, femoral retroversion, weakness hip IR.
  8. Hip ER
    Tight ER, femoral retroversion, weakness hip IR.
  9. Abduction of hip: wide BOS
    Weakness hip adduction, general weakness, decreased coordination/balance.
  10. Adduction of hip: narrow BOS
    Increased tone adductors, genu valgum, weakness hip abductor muscles.
  11. Knee flexion increased in swing/mid-stance.
    Increased tone f hams, weak DF, increased tone of hip flexors.
  12. Knee extension at initial contact and loading
    Joint dysfunction, weakness of hi extensors.
  13. Knee hyperextends: during LR, MSt, TSt, PSw, TSw
    Weakness of quads, spasticity quads, joint deformity.
  14. Genu Valgum
    Femoral anteversion, foot pronation.
  15. Forefoot contact or foot flat contact: seen at IC
    Weak DF or PF contracture (limited DF ROM).
  16. Foot slap: LR
    weak DF, decreased proprioception in LE
  17. Excessive ankle PF: any part of gait cycle
    Pes equinus, tight gastroc-soleus, increase tone of gastroc-soleus, weak DF, hip or knee pain
  18. Decreased PF (no heel off) in terminal stance and pre-swing
    Weak gastroc-soleus, ankle/foot pain.
  19. Pes valgus
    Weak post tib and deltoid ligament, pes planus, femoral anteversion.
  20. Pes varus
    Weak peroneals, increased tone inverters
  21. Foot droop or toe drag: seen during swing
    Weak DF.
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Deviations of gait categorized by joints and portions of phases. All are sagittal.
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