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  1. 4 types of adhering junctions?
    • Tight junctions
    • adhering junctions
    • desmosomes
    • gap junctions
  2. What do tight junctions do?
    • fuse outer surfaces of plasma membranes
    • tightly join apical surface
    • prevents transport between cells/membranes
  3. what do adhering junctions do?
    • join proteins between cells and anchoring of the
    • cellular skeleton
  4. what do desmosomes do?
    • similer to the adhering junctions
    • spot-weld-like junctions for stress points.
  5. simple duct structure
  6. compound duct structure
  7. acinar/alveolar shape
    rounded secretory portion
  8. 4 types of simpmle structures
    • simple tubular
    • simple branched tubular
    • simple coiled tubular
    • simple branched acinar
  9. Endocrine Gland
    Ductless glands that secrete hormones into the blood
  10. Exocrine Gland
    ducted glands that secrete their products onto a surface
  11. example of simple tubular gland
    large intestine
  12. Simple Branched Tubular
    (e.g. gastric glands)
  13. Simple Coiled Tubular
    (e.g. sweat glands)
  14. Simple Branched Acinar
    (e.g. sebaceous glands)
  15. Compound Tubular
    (e.g. bulbourethral glands)
  16. Compound Acinar
    (e.g. mammary glands)
  17. Compound Tubuloacinar
    (e.g. pancreatic glands)
  18. how is the Merocrine secretes
    released in vesicles
  19. How does the apocrine secrete
    • secretions builds up at the apical surface
    • apical portion pinches off; then cell repairs itself
  20. how does the holocrine gland secrete?
    • secretions accumulates in the cytosol
    • cell then ruptures

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