AMH Terminology #1

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  1. Black Codes
    laws passed by Southern states after Civil War to limit rights of free blacks
  2. Poll Tax
    fee required in order to vote that kept blacks from voting in the South
  3. Gang Labor System
    a plantation system where white overseers or black drivers supervised gangs of enslaved workers
  4. Domesticity
    an ideology of marriage and family life, which called for men to practice authority, while women devoted themselves to motherhood and family
  5. Sharecropping
    Reconstruction era system where freedmen agreed to work land and pay a portion of their harvest to the landowner
  6. Crop Lien
    illegal device enabling a creditor to take possession of the property of a borrower, including the right to have it sold in payment of the debt in return for supplies
  7. Debt Peonage
    policy of using debt as a pretext for forced labor
  8. Scalawags
    a pejorative term applied to Southern whites who joined Republicans during Reconstruction
  9. Carpetbaggers
    a name given by Southerners to Northerners who moved to the South during Reconstruction (from the cheap suitcases, known as carpetbags, that held their belongings)
  10. Desegregation
    the legal requirement that people of all races have equal access to public facilities and services
  11. Classical Liberalism
    political ideology that celebrated individual liberty, private property, a competitive market economy, free trade, and limited government
  12. Home Rule
    self-government by a state within the federal system
  13. Protective Tariff
    an import duty designed to protect domestic products from cheaper foreign goods
  14. Trust
    any giant corporation that dominated a sector of the economy and wielded monopoly power
  15. Gold Standard
    monetary system by which a country links the amount of money circulating, at any given time, to the amount of gold held in its Treasury
  16. Greenbacks
    paper money issued by the U.S. Treasury during the Civil War to finance the war effort
  17. Great American Desert
    the name given to the drought-stricken Great Plains by Euro-Americans in the early 19th century
  18. Exodusters
    African-Americans who left the South after Reconstruction's collapse and the Depression of 1873, and sought homesteads on the Western frontier
  19. Polygamy
    the practice of marriage to multiple partners
  20. Economies of Scale
    the reduction of production and transportation costs (and increased profits) achieved through large-scale production
  21. Assimilation
    efforts by U.S. government agents and Christian missionaries to persuade people of color to adopt white ways
  22. Severalty
    individual ownership of land
  23. Disfranchisement
    the denial of a person’s right to vote
  24. Expansionism
    the policy of seeking land and trade beyond a country’s boundaries to expand and improve upon national resources and economy
  25. Jim Crow
    the system of racial segregation that developed in the post-Civil War South
  26. Lynching
    extralegal executions typically performed by mobs against marginalized groups
  27. Reconstruction
    the period between 1865 in 1877 in which newly freed slaves, abolitionists, and Republican politicians attempted to make changes in the South
  28. Redeemers
    ex-Confederates who sought to return the political and economic control of the South to white Southerners in the decades after the Civil War
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