Chemistry Classification of Matter

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  1. Matter created ex nihilo
    From nothing
  2. How can we know where matter comes?
  3. Physical properties can be measured without changing the substance
  4. Chemical Properties
    • Substance changed into something else
    • physical change also occurs
  5. Ex. of Physical properties
    • Ductility
    • maleability
    • conductivity
    • density
  6. Ducitilty
    How easily it can be drawn in thin wires
  7. Maleability
    Describes how matter can be hammered into shapes
  8. If it doesn't change chemical formula than it is physical property
  9. Ex. of Chemical Properties
    Flammable, reactive, oxidizes
  10. Mixtures
    Two or more pure substances physically placed together, not chemically joined
  11. Pure Substance
    one kind of particle
  12. heterogeneous
    • type of mixture
    • different kinds of particles are visible
    • sand and rocks
  13. Homogeneous
    • type of mixture
    • different particles are not visible
    • salt water
  14. Solution
    same as homogeneous mixture
  15. Solution vs. pure substance
    • A pure substance has fixed composition. 
    • A mixture has a variable composition
  16. element
    • (pure substance)
    • cannot be broken down by ordinary chemical means
  17. Atom
    smallest part of an atom
  18. element 3 category
    • Monatomic
    • diatomic
    • polyatomic
  19. compounds
    molecules from two or more elements that have been chemically bonded together
  20. Subscript
    A number that indicates the amount of atoms or groups of atoms in a formula
  21. Coefficient
    A number in front of a formula which tells how many molecules or atoms are present.
  22. Molecule
    two or more atoms that are chemically bonded together
  23. oil and vinegar
    Heterogeneous mixture
  24. iron
  25. Air
    Homogeneous Mixture
  26. Potassium Chloride
  27. Seawater
    Homogeneous Mixture
  28. Glucose
  29. water compound
  30. Soil
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