Chemistry Energy and Matter

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  1. Energy
    Ability to do work (J)
  2. Work
    force moving matter through distance (J)
  3. Forms of Energy
    • Mechanical
    • Kinetic Potential
  4. Kinetic
    Energy in motion
  5. Potential Energy
    stored energy
  6. forms of energy
    • thermal
    • acoustic 
    • electromagnetic
    • chemical 
    • nuclear
  7. Thermodynamics
    study of flow of energy
  8. 1st law of thermodynamics
    • law of conservation of mass energy 
    • energy can neither be created or destroyed, but can only change form
    • started in Gen. 2:2
  9. Miracle
    temporary suspension of laws of universe
  10. 2nd Law of Thermodynamics
    • The law of degeneration of energy 
    • In any energy change, the amount of usable energy decreases
    • Gen. 3:6-19
  11. Entropy
    • degeneration
    • naturally increases
    • loss of usable energy
  12. System
    defines the boundaries within which analysis is limited
  13. Types of Particle Motion
    • Straight line
    • Oscillate
    • Spin
  14. Thermal Energy
    Measure of the total kinetic energy
  15. Temperature
    the measure of the average kinetic energy
  16. Heat
    change in thermal energy
  17. Types of energy changes
    • exothermic
    • Endothermic
  18. Absolute Zero
    • Coldest Temperature
    • scientists will never achieve it
    • atomic motion ceases
  19. Third Law of Thermodynamics
    it is impossible to reach absolute zero
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