Stress (altered states)

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  1. stress detail (5)
    • on opposite side of consciousness continuum to sleep
    • an event/series of events in environment that trigger physiological responses
    • physiological arousal with biological, psychological and social factors
    • Its not the events that cause stress, is how we perceive/deal with them
    • stressful events called STRESSORS
  2. Stress resonse facts (2)
    • nervous system controls how respond to stressors
    • automatic nervous system controls involuntary functions (HR, sweat, lungs, stomach etc)
    • automatic nervous system has two divisions
  3. define sympathetic nervous system (4)
    • part of automatic nervous system
    • increases body's functioning
    • energy directed to adrenal glands
    • muscles relax = more blood to them
  4. define parasympathetic nervous system (5)
    • decreases body's functioning 
    • maintenance of body's energy
    • returns body to state of rest following arousal
    • assists:
    • Heart regulation
    • digestive processes
  5. Fight or flight
    • 1. Fight (confront situation)
    • 2. Flight (avoid situation)
    • 3. Fright (Freeze up)
  6. complementary systems
    ability of the body to balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems to maintain adaptive and healthy functioning
  7. Stages of stress response
    • physiological processes enable us to cope and survive
    • in 'normal' like, responses should be used and quickly turned off
    • if there is no opportunity for recovery, prolonged arousal can be damaging to body
  8. Three stages of STRESS RESPONSE
    • 1 The alarm response
    • 2 resistance
    • 3 Exhaustion
  9. Define the alarm response
    release of neurotransmitters and hormones that prepare body for high levels of activity
  10. define resistance to stress
    body attempts to resist/combat high levels of arousal of initial alarm response
  11. define exhaustion to stress
    body's reserves are depleted and more severe damage may occur
  12. Long term effects of stress (5)
    • hypertension
    • cardiovascular disease
    • anxiety
    • depression
    • PTSD
  13. Coping with stress (7)
    • personal productivity skills
    • physical activities
    • present moment awareness
    • leading a balanced lifestyle
    • conflict resolution skills
    • journaling 
    • meditation
  14. define stress
    • any external stimulus that threatens homeostatis (normal equilibrium of body functioning)
    • stressful situation activates 3 communication systems
  15. 3 COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS evoked through stress
    • 1. Voluntary nervous system
    • 2 automatic nervous system
    • 3 neuroendocrine system
  16. define voluntary nervous system (2)
    • sends messages to muscles to respond to sensory info
    • communication system
  17. define automatic nervous system
    • combines sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems
    • communication system
  18. define neuroendocrine system (5)
    • maintains internal functioning of various stress hormones that affect bodily processes eg metabolic rate and sexual function
    • major stress hormones and adrenaline and cortisol
    • adrenaline mobilizes energy and delivers it to muscles for body' resonse
    • Cortisol promotes energy replenishment and efficient cardiovascular function
    • communication system
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