pharm ch 4.1

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  1. any drugs listed on one of the 'schedules' of the Controlled Substance Act.  aka scheduled drugs
    controlled substances
  2. another name for prescription drugs
    legend drugs
  3. a legal term established under the Harrison Narcotic Act of 1914.  it originally applied to drugs that produced insensibility or stupor, especially the opioids.  the term is currently used in clinical settings to refer to any medically administered controlled substance and in legal settings to refer to any illicit or 'street' drug.
  4. a special category of drugs that have been identified to help treat patients with rare diseases
    orphan drug
  5. drugs available to consumers with out a prescription.
    over the counter drugs
  6. a drug not yet approved for marketing by the FDA but available for use in experiments to determine its safety and efficacy
    investigational new drug IND
  7. an application that must be submitted to the FDA before a drug can be studied on humans
    investigational new drug application
  8. acceleration of the usual investigational new drug apporval process by the FDA and pharmaceutical companies, usually for drugs used to treat life threatening diseases
    expedited drug approval
  9. variation in response to a drug because of a patient's age, gender, size, and or body composition
    drug polymorphism
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