pharm ch 4 notes

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  1. cultural assessment
    • languages spoken
    • health beliefs and practices
    • past uses of medicine
    • herbal treatments, folk remedies, home remedies
    • otc drugs and treatment
    • usual responses to illness
    • responsiveness to medical treatment
    • religious practices and beliefs
    • support from the patient's cultural community
    • dietary habits
  2. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
    • determines schedule of controlled substances
    • establishes production quota
    • prevents unlawful diversions of controlled substances
  3. health practitioners hospitals and pharmacies must be registered with DEA in order to what?  (2)
    • order controlled substances
    • purchase controlled substances.
  4. New drug development
    • investigational new drug (IND) application
    • informed concent
    • US FDA drug approval process
  5. US FDA drug approval process:
    (4 things involved with it)
    • preclinical testing
    • clinical studies
    • investigational drug studies
    • expedited drug approval
  6. legal nursing considerations
    • state and federal legislation
    • nurse practice acts
    • guidelines from professional nursing groups
    • institutional policies and procedures, state and federal hospital licensing
    • case law or common law
    • HIPAA
    • all scheduled meds must be counted every 8 hours
    • institutional policy determines which nurses transfer responsibility from shift to shift
    • nurses must remain alert to the potential violation of controlled substances act - may result in loss of job and/or fine and/or imprisonment
    • nurses who fail to report suspicions about others may lose their jobs.
  7. the ONLY three times a nurse can legally have controlled substance is their possession
    • the nurse is giving them to a patient
    • the nurse is responsible for the control of the supply of a unit or department
    • the nurse is the patient prescribed
  8. associations having codes of ethics for nurses: (2)
    • american nurses association (ANA)
    • international council of nurses (ICN)
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