Ch. 4

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  1. deepest muscle of the abdomen
    quadratus lumborum
  2. Quadratus lumborum stretches from _____ to the transverse processes of the _____vertebrae and ____rib
    Posterior Ilium; lumbar; 12th
  3. Quadratus lumborum Action unilaterally
    Laterally tilt (elevate) pelvis; Laterally flex the vertebral column to the sameĀ  side; assist to extend the vertebral column
  4. Quadratus lumborum Action Bilaterally
    Fix the last rib during forced inhalation and exhalation
  5. Quadratus lumborum Origin
    Posterior Iliac crest
  6. Quadratus lumborum Insertion
    Last rib and transverse processes of first through fourth lumbar vertebrae.
  7. Four abdominal muscles
    Rectus abdominis; External Oblique; Internal Oblique; Transverse Abdominis
  8. "washboard belly"
    rectus abdominis
  9. broad, superficial muscle, and Lateral to the Rectus abdominis
    External oblique
  10. deep and perpendicular to External Oblique; often hard to distinguish
    internal oblique
  11. deepest muscle of the adominals, plays big rold in exhalation, cannot be specifically palpated
    transverse obdominis
  12. Rectus abdominis Action
    Flex the vertebral column; tilt pelvis posteriorly
  13. Rectus abdominis Origin
    Pubic crest, pubic symphysis
  14. Rectus abdominis insertion
    Cartilage of 5th, 6th, and 7th ribs and ziphoid process
  15. External Oblique Action Unilaterally
    laterally flex vertebral column to theĀ  same side; Rotate vertebral column to the oppisite side
  16. External Oblique Action Bilaterally
    Flex the vertebral column, compress abdominal contents
  17. External Oblique Origin
    External surfaces of 5th-12th ribs
  18. External Oblique Insertion
    Anterior part of the iliac crest, abdominal aponeurosis to linea alba
  19. Internal oblique action unilaterally
    Laterally flex vertebral column to the same side; Rotate vertebral column to the same side
  20. Internal oblique action bilaterally
    Flex the vertebral column, compress abdominal contents
  21. Internal oblique Origin
    Lateral inguinal ligament, iliac crest and thoracolumbar fascia
  22. Internal oblique insertion
    Internal surface of lower 3 ribs, abdominal aponeurosis to linea alba
  23. Transverse Abdominis Action
    Compress abdominal contents
  24. Transverse Abdominis Origin
    Lateral inguinal ligament, iliac crest, thoracolumbar fascia and internal surface of lower 6 ribs
  25. Transverse Abdominis Instertion
    Abdominal aponeurosis to linea alba
  26. _______is primary muscle of repiration. Unique in its design and function
  27. broad ______ shape separates the upper and lower _____ cavities
    umbrealla-like; thoracic
  28. the diaphrams muscles fibers attach to the _____surface of the ribs and the _____vertebrae, and coverage the the _____tendon
    innter;lumbar; central
  29. when the diaphragm contract and pull the central tendon inferiorly, it creates ____
    inspiration (inhalation)
  30. when the diaphragm relaxes, releasing the cetral tendon and allowing the lungs to deflate is ____
  31. Diaphragm Action
    Draw down the cetral tendon of the diaphragm; Increase the volume of the thoracic cavity during inhalation
  32. Diaphragm origin
    Costal attachment: Inner surface of lower 6 ribs

    Lumbar attachment: upper 2 or 3 lumbar vertebrae

    Sternal attachment: inner part of xiphoid process
  33. Diaphragm Insertion
    Central tendon
  34. small slender muscles between the ribs; known as spare ribs
  35. two groups of intercostal ribs
    External and internal intercostals
  36. intercostals help _____ the rib cage and assist in______
    stabilize; respiration
  37. Intercostals Action
    External intercostal: Draw the ribs surperiorly (increasing the thoracic cavity) to assist with inhalation

    Internal intercostal: Draw the ribs inferiorly (decreasing the space of the thoacic cavity) to assist with exhalation
  38. Intercostals Origin
    Inferior border of the rib above
  39. Intercostals Insertion
    Superior border of the rib below
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