Search and Rescue

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  1. What are the search priorities at a multi-storey building fire?
    • First - immediate fire area and rest of floor
    • Second - area directly above the fire
    • Third - top floor down to floor above fire
    • Fourth - areas below the fire
  2. What are the two types of searches?
    • Primary - quick attempt to locate any potential victims who are in danger
    • Secondary - thorough search conducted after the situation is under control
  3. When would you use a lifeline rope to conduct a search?
    In larges areas such as underground parking garages, warehouses, tunnels, etc.
  4. How many lifelines can you use at a time and how long would the total rope be?
    2 lifelines @ 45 m long = 90 m total lifeline
  5. What does search and rescue equipment consist of?
    • PPE
    • Portable radio
    • Hand light or flashlight
    • Forcible entry tools
    • Hose lines
    • Thermal imaging devices
    • Ladders
    • Long ropes

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Search and Rescue
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Search and rescue
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