Math chapter 1

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  1. complementary
    2 angles added together to equal 90
  2. supplementary
    2 angles added to equal 180
  3. adjacent
    right next to each other
  4. vertical angles
    across and equal to each other
  5. linear pairs
    2 adjacent angles that form a straight line
  6. polygons
    • 3 or more sides
    • straight lines
    • no openings
  7. vertex
    where sides of a polygon join together
  8. equilateral
    all sides equal
  9. convex
    all vertices go out
  10. equiangular
    all angles are equal
  11. regular
    all sides are equal and all angles are equal
  12. convex
    all vertices go out
  13. concave
    at least one vertex goes in
  14. point
    • represents location
    • no dimension
  15. segment
    starting and ending point
  16. line
    contains segment but goes on
  17. ray
    specific starting point then goes on
  18. collinear
    points that lie on same line
  19. plane
    • 2 dimensions
    • flat
  20. Coplanar
    together on same plane
  21. opposite rays
    lines that share same starting points but go opposite ways
  22. intersection
    to cross
  23. segment addition postulate
    the sum of the parts equals the whole
  24. midpoint
    middle point of a line segment
  25. midpoint formula
    m= x1+x2/2, y1+y2/2
  26. distance formula
    square root of (x2-x1)2+ (y2-y1)2
  27. angles
    lines, rays, or segments that intersect
  28. vertex
    point at which lines rays or segments cross to form the angle
  29. angle addition postulate
    sum of the parts equals the whole
  30. acute
    angle +0, -90,
  31. right
    exactly 90
  32. obtuse
    +90, -180
  33. straight
    exactly 180
  34. bisect
    • cut in half
    • equal parts

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Math chapter 1
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