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  1. the time before the invention of writing and recording of historical data
    Primeval History
  2. the scientific study of the material remains of past human life.
  3. a literary form that uses symbolic images, stories, and names to point to a deeper truth
    Figurative Language
  4. different kinds of writing determined by their literary technique, content, tone, and purpose(how the author wants the reader to be affected)
    Literary Forms
  5. this word refers to the process of passing on the gospel message. Tradition, which began with the oral communication of the gospel by the apostles, was written down in the Scriptures, is handed down and lived out in the life of the church, and is interpreted by the magisterium under the guidance of the holy spirit.
  6. A personal and immortal creature with intelligence and free will who constantly glorifies god and serves as a messenger of god to humans to carry out god's saving plan.
  7. Our spiritual principle, its immortal, and it is what makes us most like god. our soul is created by god. It is the seat of human consciousness and freedom.
  8. The original state of human beings in their relationship with god, sharing in the divine life in full communion with him.
    Original Holiness
  9. attributing human characteristics to something that is not human.
  10. The state of complete harmony of our first parents with themselves, with each other, and with all of creation.
    Original Justice
  11. Explain what is meant by primeval history.
    Where do you find this in the bible?
    It means the time before any written history or records. Genesis, chapters 1-11 are primeval history
  12. give two examples of the use of figurative or symbolic language in the first eleven chapters of genesis.
    • Genesis chapter 1, god created the world in six days does not mean that god literally made the world in six twenty-four hour days.
    • Genesis 2:21, god makes the first woman from one of the first man's ribs does not literally mean god made the first woman from a piece of the first man.
  13. what is the relationship between creation and the trinity?
    the trinity, all three persons, contributed to creating everything in the universe
  14. what are angels and what do they do.
    Spiritual beings who are the servants and messengers of God. they constantly glorify god and serve as his messengers.
  15. give a theological definition of the word soul
    our soul is created by god, and is what makes us most like him. the union of our body and soul is so complete it cannot be separated until our death.
  16. give one or two reasons why god created two genders
    god created man and woman for each other. god crated them to reflect his infinite perfection.
  17. what is original holiness?
    what is original justice?
    Original holiness is the original state of human beings in their relationship with god. original justice is the state of complete harmony of our first parents with themselves, with each other, and with all of creation.
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