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  1. Groups of similar cell and cell products
  2. work together to perform a certain function or make a specific structure
  3. Four major categories of tissues or types of tissue
    • epithelial¬†
    • connective
    • muscular nervous
  4. study of microscopic anatomy
  5. How many different cell types are there?
  6. Forms the lining of the body cavities, covers body surfaces and glandular tissues
    Epithelial tissue
  7. one or more layers of closely adhering cells
    epithelial tissue
  8. Tissue that sits on basement of membrane
    epithelial tissue
  9. Extra cellular material so thin it is not visible
    epithelial tissue
  10. tissue cut along the longest direction of an organ
    longitudinal section
  11. tissue cut perpendicular to the length of an organ
    cross section
  12. tissue cut at an angle between a cross and longitudinal section
    oblique section
  13. function of epithelial tissues
    • protection
    • secretion
    • absorption
    • filtration
    • sensation
  14. Made primarily of epithelial tissue
  15. -contains one layer of cells'
    -names by shape of cells
    simple epthelium
  16. -more than one layer of cells
    -names for shape of cells of the apical cells
    statified epithelial
  17. -single row of flat cells
    -Allows rapid diffusion of substances; secretes serous fluid
    -found in alveoli of the lung, glomeruli in the kidney, endothelium in blood vessels and serosa
    simple squamous epthelium
  18. mucus producing cell scattered throughout the pseudostatified ciliated conlumnur epthelium
    goblet call
  19. -single row of cube shaped cells, often with microvili
    -involved in absorption and secretion in some areas and produces mucus in other areas such as respitory tract
    -liver, thyroid, salivery and other glands bronchials and most kidney tubules
    simple cuboidal epithelium
  20. -single row of tall, narrow cells
    -vertically oriented, oval nucleic in basal half of cells
    -absorption and secretion; and secrestion of mucus
    -inner linning of gi tract, uterus, kidney and uterine tubes
    simple columnur epithelium
  21. -lines passage of repitory and reproductive tracts
    -respitory passages mucus covered linning are sticky and trap particles of dust and micro organism that enter with the air
    -cillia move the mucus and particles upward and out of airways
    -cillia aid the movement of sex cells from one region to another
    pseudosratified ciliated columnar epithelium
  22. -composed of more that one layer of cells and named for shape of surface or apical cells
    -Deepest cells sit on basement membrane
    stratifided epithelia
  23. -multi layerd epithelium covered with layer of compact, dead squamus cells packed with protein keraiten
    -slows down water loss and prevents penetration of organism
    -forms epdermal layer of skin
    keratinized stratified squamous
  24. -multilayered epithelium that lacks surface layer of dead cells forming abrasion-resistant, moist slipery layer
    -found on tough, oral mucose, esophugus and adult vagina
    nonkeritinized stratified squamous
  25. -two or more layers of cells, surface cells square
    -secretes sweat or ovarian hormones, produces sperm
    -found in sweat gland ducts; overain follicles and sminiferous tubules
    stratified cuboidal epthelium
  26. -multilayerd epithelium with rounded surface cells that flatten when tissue is strectched
    -stretched to allow filling or urinary tract
    -found in urinary tract-kidney, ureter,bladder
    transistional epithelium
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