Zoology 2, Lesson 2

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  1. What is the largest of God's creatures?
    The blue whale
  2. What order are whales in?
  3. What phylum are whales in?
  4. What are the two different kinds of whales?
    baleen whales and toothed whales
  5. Name the different toothed whales?
    Dolphins, Porpoises, Killer Whales, Beluga Whales, Narwhals, sperm Whales
  6. Name the different Baleen Whales?
    Blue Whales, Humpback Whales, Gray Whales, Right Whales
  7. What kind of animals are whales? (reptiles, amphibians, mammals, fish)
  8. What is a whale's tail called?
    a fluke
  9. What sense do whales depend on the most?
  10. Can whales smell well?
  11. How is the way a whale swims different from how a fish swims?
    Whales move their tails up and down to swim. Fish move their tail side to side.
  12. Can whales breath under water?
    No. They have to breath air because they are mammals.
  13. What do whale's sound like to us?
    clicks, whistles, moans, or rumbles
  14. Which whale sings the most famous song?
    The male humpback whale.
  15. Why do the whales sing
    to communicate with other whales
  16. What type of nose does whale have?
    They have a blowhole.
  17. How do whales keep water out of their blowhole?
    Their blowhole closes when they go under water so no water can get in.
  18. When a whale comes to the surface of the water and exhales the air from its lungs what is the water vapor called that rises into the air?
    A spout
  19. What did the whalers use to say when they would see the whale's water spout?
    Thar she blows!
  20. What is the spout that a whale makes when it exhales?
    Water vapor
  21. What is the whale's blowhole attached to?
    directly to the lungs
  22. Why can a whale not choke on water?
    their mouths are not connected to the same tube as their lungs.
  23. What is it called when a whale gets stranded on the beach?
    the whale is beached
  24. Why do whales become beached?
    they are usually sick or injured.
  25. What is breaching?
    Breaching is when a whale leaps into the air and then plops down on the water with a splash
  26. What is spyhopping?
    When a whale sits straight up in the water with its head positioned straight up and out of te water.
  27. What is lobtailing?
    when a whale faces downward int he water with only its fluke sticking out and slaps the water with its tail
  28. What is logging?
    when a whales swims slowly on the surface of the ocean with very little movement and looks like a log.
  29. Why did whalers hunt whales?
    For their blubber that people used as oil in oil lamps, to oil machines. also they wanted the gooey substance in thee sperm whales intestines for perfume.
  30. What were people called who hunted whales?
  31. How did the whalers catch the whales?
    harpoons attached to ropes that were attached to the boat.
  32. Why did whaling stop?
    Whales started to become extinct and so conservation laws were passed to keep people from hunting whales.
  33. where do whales stay in the summer?
    the polar regions.
  34. Where are the whales feeding grounds?
    polar regions
  35. Where do the whales stay in the Winter?
    near the equator
  36. Where are the whales breeding grounds?
    Near the equator.
  37. Why do the whales have to eat so much when they are in the feeding grounds?
    because there is no food once they get to the breeding grounds.
  38. How do most whales migrate? by themselves or in herds
    Most whales migrate in herds
  39. What whales may not travel with the herd?
    a mother with a calf because they cannot keep up with the herd.
  40. What is another name for a whale herd
    a pod
  41. What are baby whales called?
  42. What are animals called that give birth to live young?
    viviparous animals
  43. How is a whale calf born? head or tail first
    tail first
  44. What does a whale calf have to do as soon as it is born?
    It has to go to the surface to get a breath
  45. What do whale calves eat?
    They nurse from their mother's milk
  46. Why are the mother's so tired when they are migrating?
    Because they do not eat while they are in the breeding grounds.
  47. What do toothed whales have that baleen whales do not have?
  48. Do whales chew their food?
    No, they swallow their food whole.
  49. What is a melon?
    a protruding round structure in their forehead used for echolocation
  50. What is echolocation?
    Where the whale sends out sounds that bounce back to them and they have special receptors that can read the echos.
  51. What is another name for echolocation?
  52. What is a large pod called?
    a herd
  53. Why do scientists think dolphins are extremely intelligent?
    because of the way that they work together while hunting.
  54. What is porpoising?
    when dolphins race along near the surface and make low leaps out of the water.
  55. What are the differences between dolphins and porpoises?
    • Porpoises are smaller than dolphins.
    • Porpoises are chubbier than dolphins.
    • Porpoises have a triangular dorsal fin and dolphins have a curved dorsal fin.
    • Dolphins have a beak and porpoises have no beak.
  56. What is another name for a killer whale?
    an orca
  57. What kind of whale is a porpoise?
    toothed whale
  58. What kind of whale is a dolphin?
    a toothed whale.
  59. What kind of whale is a killer whale?
    toothed whale
  60. Why are killer whales called killer whales?
    They will kill any swimming creature...sometimes they will kill and not eat their victims.
  61. What is another name for beluga whales?
    sea canary
  62. What color are beluga whales?
  63. What kind of whale is a beluga whale?
    toothed whale
  64. What color are beluga whales when they are born?
    brown or black
  65. What whales molt?
    beluga whales molt and shed their skin every year revealing new white skin.
  66. What very unusual feature do narwhals have?
    a unicorn horn.
  67. What is the narwhals horn actually?
    a tusk (an extra long tooth)
  68. Where does the narwhales horn grow from?>
    it's mouth
  69. What is the narwhals tusk for?
    There is a blood vessel and nerves in the narwhal's tusk and scientists think they use it to collect information about their surroundings.
  70. What is a spermaceti?
    an organ in a sperm whales head that makes it's head huge.
  71. what is a white sperm whale called?
  72. What color are sperm whales normally?
  73. What are pods called that are made up of all males?
    bachelor pods
  74. What is a baleen?
    a baleen is like a big toothbrush that filters the food out of the water.
  75. Why does a whale need a baleen?
    because it has a small throat and can't swallow anything big. the baleen keeps anything big from getting into the whales throat.
  76. What do baleen whales eat>
    plankton, krill
  77. How big are blue whales?
    100 feet
  78. What do blue whales eat?
  79. Where are the blue whales feeding grounds?
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