AP Vocab 1

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  1. Alliteration
    The repetition of identical or similar consonant sounds, normally at the beginnings of words.
  2. Allusion
    A reference in a work of literature of something outside the work, especially to a well known historical or literary event, person, or work.
  3. Antithesis
    A figure of speech of characterized by strongly contrasting words, clauses, sentences, or ideas, as in "Man proposes; God disposes."
  4. Apostrophe
    A figure of speech in which someone (usually, but not always absent), some abstract quality, or a nonexistent personage is directly addressed as though present.
  5. Assonance
    The repetition of identical or similar vowel sounds.
  6. Cacophony
    A harsh, unpleasant combination of sounds or tones. It may be an unconscious flaw in the poet's music, resulting in harshness of sound or difficulty of articulation, or it may be used consciously for effect.
  7. Consonance
    The repetition of similar consonant sounds in a group of words. The term usually refers to words in which the ending consonants are the same but the vowel that precedes them are different
  8. Couplet
    A two line stanza, usually with end rhymes the same
  9. Devices of sound
    The technique of developing the sound of words, especially in poetry.
  10. Rhyme, alliteration, assonance, consonance, and onomatopoeia
    Devices of sound
  11. Diction
    The use of words in a literary wrk,
  12. Didactic poem
    A poem which is intended primarily to teach a lesson.
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