AP Vocab 2

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  1. Extended Metaphor
    An implied analogy, or comparison, which is carried throughout a stanza or an entire poem.
  2. Elegy
    A sustained and formal poem setting forth the poet's meditations upon death or another solemn theme
  3. Euphony 
    A style in which combinations of words pleasant to the ear predominate. Its opposite is cacophony 
  4. Eye rhyme
    • Rhyme that appears correct from spelling but is half rhyme or slant rhyme from the pronunciation. 
    • (Also called Slant rhyme or forced rhyme)
  5. Figurative Language
    Writing that uses figures of speech (as opposed to literal language or that which is actual or specifically denoted) such as metaphor, irony, and simile.
  6. Free verse
    Poetry which is not written is a traditional meter but is still rhythmical.
  7. Hyperbole
    A deliberate, extravagant, and often outrageous exaggeration. It may be used for either serious or comic effect.
  8. Imagery
    The images of a literary work; the sensory of a work; the figurative language of a work.
  9. Irony
    The contrast between actual meaning and the suggestion of another meaning
  10. Verbal Irony
    A figure a speech in which the actual intent is expressed in words which carry the opposite meaning.
  11. Internal Rhyme
    Rhyme that occurs within a line, rather than at the end.
  12. Litotes
    The opposite of hyperbole. It is a kind of irony that deliberately represents something as being much less than it really is.
  13. Lyric poem
    • Any short poem that presents a single speaker who expresses thoughts and feelings. 
    • (Sonnets and odes) 
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