AP Vocab 3

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  1. Metaphor
    A figurative use of language in which comparison is expressed without the use of a comparative term like "as", "like", or "than"
  2. Meter
    The repetition of a regular rhythmic unit in a line of poetry.
  3. Metonymy
    A figure of speech which is characterized by the substitution of a term naming an object closely associated with the word in mind for the word itself.
  4. Mixed Metaphor
    The mingling of one metaphor with another immediately following with which the first is incongruous.
  5. Narrative Poem
    A non dramatic poem which tells a story or presents a narrative, whether simple or complex, long or short.
  6. Octave
    An eight line stanza. Most commonly, ___ refers to the first division of an Italian sonnet
  7. Onomatopoeia
    The use of words whose sounds suggest their meaning.
  8. Oxymoron
    A form of paradox that combines a pair of contrary terms into a single expressions. This combination usually serves the purpose of shocking the reader into awareness
  9. Paradox
    A situation or action or feeling that appears to be contradictory but on inspection turns out to be true or at least to make sense
  10. Parallelism
    A similar grammatical structure within a line of poetry
  11. Paraphrase
    A restatement of ideas in such a way as to retain the meaning while changing the diction and form
  12. Personification
    A kind of metaphor that gives inanimate objects or abstract ideas human characteristics
  13. Pun
    A play on words that are identical or similar in sound but have sharply diverse meanings.
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