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  1. sand
    vt. 磨光:make smooth
  2. grandstand
    vi. 为了给人留下印象而表演,哗众取宠:impress
  3. descend
    • v. 下降:downward
    • v. 世代相传:pass by inheritance
  4. transcend
    vt. 超越,超过极限:beyond the limits
  5. legend
    • n. 传奇,传说:popular myth
    • n. 图例:explanatory list of the symbols on a map or chart
  6. reprehend
    vt. 谴责,责难,批评:express unfavorable opinion
  7. commend
    • vt. 赞扬:approbation;praise
    • vt. 委托保管:entrust
    • vt. 推荐:recommend
  8. suspend
    • vi. 暂停,中止:bring to a formal close
    • vt. 悬挂:hang
  9. rend
    vt. 撕裂,猛拉:tear or spilt apart
  10. distend
    v. (使)膨胀:expand
  11. rescind
    vt. 废除,取消:make void
  12. abscond
    v. 偷偷离开:depart secretly
  13. moribund
    • adj. 即将结束的,垂死的:approaching death
    • adj. 即将过时的:on the verge of becoming obsolete
  14. fecund
    adj. 多产的,肥沃的:fruitful
  15. rubicund
    adj. 红润的,健康的:healthy rosiness
  16. jocund
    adj. 欢快的,高兴的:sprightly lighthearted
  17. bound
    • n. 界限:beyond which a person or thing cannot go
    • vt. 给...设置限制:set limits
    • adj. 投入的,坚定的:fully committed
  18. hidebound
    adj. 死板的,极度保守的:tending to favor established ideas
  19. confound
    • vt. 使困惑:uncertainty
    • vt. 无法区分,混淆:fail to differentiate
    • vt. 证明为假,证伪:to prove to be false
  20. compound
    • n. 混合物:something composed
    • adj. 混合的:consisting
    • vt. 混合:put or bring together
    • v. 扩大,增多:make greater
    • v. 和解:agree for a consideration
  21. sound
    • adj. 牢固的,不可动摇的:withstand stress without structural damage
    • adj. 健康的,强壮的:free from injury
    • adj. (逻辑上)严谨的:valid reasoning
  22. slipshod
    adj. 粗心的,随意的:indifference to exactness, precision and accuracy
  23. plod
    v. 沉重缓慢地走:walk heavily
  24. falsehood
    n. 谎言:untrue and made in order to deceive
  25. prod
    vt. 促使...行动:persuade
  26. disregard
    • vt. 漠视,不关注:pay no attention
    • n. 缺乏兴趣,缺乏关心:lack of interest or concern
  27. sluggard
    n. 懒人:lazy person
  28. diehard
    • adj. 顽固的,保守的 determined or devoted
    • n. 顽固的人,保守的人 someone who opposes change and refuses to accept new ideas
  29. dullard
    n. 笨蛋:stupid
  30. canard
    n. 谣传,误传:misleading story
  31. aboveboard
    adj. 无欺诈的,光明正大的:free from all traces of deceit or duplicity
  32. hoard
    v. 秘藏:keep hidden
  33. retard
    vt. 减速,延迟:cause slowly
  34. safeguard
    • n. 保护措施:prevent accident
    • vt. 保护:make safe
  35. awkward
    • adj. 缺乏灵活性和技巧的:lacking dexterity
    • adj. (处理问题)缺乏手段和智谋的:a lask of skill and tact
    • adj. 臃肿笨拙的,不优雅的:lacking ease
    • adj. 令人尴尬的:embarrassment
    • adj. (因过大过重或设计问题)难以操作的:difficult to use
  36. untoward
    • adj. 倒霉的,不吉利的:not favorable, unpropitious
    • adj. 难以驯服的,难以驾驭的:resisting control or discipline
  37. haphazard
    adj. 无秩序的,无目标的:lack of plan, order, or direction
  38. undergird
    vt. 加强,巩固...的底部:strengthen from beneath
  39. concord
    n. 一致,和睦:agreement
  40. discord
    n. 意见不一致,不和谐:lack of agreement or harmony
  41. chord
    vi. 与...和谐一致;符合:to be in accord; agree
  42. foreword
    n. 前言:preface
  43. absurd
    adj. 不合理的:unreasonable
  44. shroud
    • n. 隐蔽物,可起隐藏、保护或屛护作用的物体:something that conceals,protects, or screens
    • vt. 将...从视线中隔离,遮蔽:shut off from sight
  45. shrewd
    • adj. 精明的,机敏的:cleverness or judgment
    • adj. 刺骨的,强烈的:discomfort
  46. imbibe
    v. 喝水,摄取水分:take in liquid
  47. gibe
    v. 嘲弄:taunting words
  48. jibe
    vi. 意见一致:agree
  49. bribe
    v. 贿赂,收买:give money
  50. circumscribe
    • vt. 限制:limit
    • vt. 包围,围绕:surround
  51. proscribe
    vt. 禁止,排斥:forbid
  52. diatribe
    • n. 长篇抨击性演讲:long scolding
    • n. 挖苦,讽刺的职责:ironic or satirical criticism
  53. xenophobe
    n. 仇视(或畏惧)外国人(或外国事物)者:fearful of what is foreign
  54. probe
    v./n. 深入调查:penetrating, investigation
  55. preface
    n. 序言:preliminary statement
  56. efface
    vt. 擦掉,抹去;使不明显:make indistinct
  57. solace
    • n. 安慰:comfort in sorrow
    • vt. 安慰,安抚:console
  58. grimace
    v./n. 因痛苦而面部扭曲,(作)怪相,(作)鬼脸:a sharp contortion of the face expressive of pain, disgust or disapproval
  59. menace
    vt. 威胁,使处于危险:intention to harm
  60. embrace
    • vt. 乐于接受:willingly, eagerly
    • vt. 包围:surround
  61. jaundice
    n. (因嫉妒或厌世而产生的)偏见:bias
  62. cowardice
    n. 懦弱,不坚定:lack courage
  63. edifice
    • n. 大厦,大建筑物:massive structure
    • n. 基础,基本构架:basic form
  64. splice
    vt. 接合,叠接:unite
  65. rejoice
    vi. 欣喜,喜悦:feel joy
  66. precipice
    n. 悬崖峭壁:steep
  67. avarice
    n. 贪财,贪婪:insatiable desire for wealth
  68. caprice
    • n. 一时冲动的决定:impulsive change of mind
    • n. 反复无常,善变:change impulsively
  69. entice
    vt. 诱使:tempt, lure
  70. arrogance
    n. 傲慢,自大:overbearing pride
  71. allegiance
    n. 忠诚:devotion or loyalty
  72. variance
    n. 不一致,不和谐:lack of harmony
  73. countenance
    • vt. 容忍:put up with
    • vt. 赞成,推崇:favorable opinion
    • n. 沉着,冷静:evenness
  74. dissonance
    n. (音调)不和谐;不一致,分歧:disagreeable, discord
  75. forbearance
    • n. 克制;忍耐:tolerance and restraint
    • n. 友好仁慈的态度:kind, gentle, or compassionate treatment
  76. entrance
    • n. 进入权,进入许可:means of entering or participating in
    • vt. 使入迷:wonder, enchantment
  77. remonstrance
    n. 抗议,抱怨:expression of protest, complaint
  78. obeisance
    n. 敬礼;尊重:respect, submission
  79. puissance
    n. 权力:power
  80. impuissance
    n. 无权,虚弱:lack of power
  81. hesitance
    n. 犹豫,不情愿:hesitant, reluctance
  82. pittance
    n. 少量津贴:small portion
  83. nuance
    n. 细微的差异:subtle distinction
  84. abeyance
    n. 中止,搁置:temporary inactively
  85. decadence
    n. 衰落,颓废:deterioration or decline
  86. credence
    n. 坚信:firm belief
  87. resurgence
    n. 复兴:restoration
  88. prescience
    n. 预知,先见:knowledge of actions or events before they occur
  89. resilience
    • n. 弹力:resume original shape
    • n. 恢复能力:ability to recover quickly
  90. convenience
    n. 便利,方便:fitness or suitability
  91. somnolence
    n. 瞌睡,嗜睡:needing sleep
  92. eminent
    adj. 杰出的:above others
  93. deference
    n. 尊崇,顺从:yield to
  94. persistence
    n. 坚持,持续:lasting existence
  95. confluence
    n. 汇合,混合:the coming together of two or more things to the same point
  96. consequence
    • n. 结果:something produced by a cause
    • n. 重要性,价值:importance
  97. mince
    • vt. 切碎:cut or chop into very small pieces
    • vt. 小步走:walk with very short steps
  98. evince
    vt. 表明:make known
  99. wince
    vi. 畏缩:shrink back involuntarily as from pain

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