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  1. somber
    dar; gloomy
  2. stoic
    indifferent or unaffected by joy, grief, pleasure, pain
  3. strident
    loud; harsh
  4. philanthropic
    kind hearted; charitable
  5. haphazard
    dependent upon or characterize by mere chance
  6. litigious
    controversial; debatable
  7. resolute
    firm/determined; unwavering
  8. polemical
  9. steadfast
    fixed/unchanging; steady; loyal
  10. evenhanded
  11. disaffect
    to cause to lose affection/loyalty
  12. chide
    to scold mildly to correct/improve; reprimand
  13. euphoria
    feeling of great happiness or well being
  14. quiescent
    being quite, still, or at rest; inactive
  15. abyssal
    unfathomable; relating to great depths of oceans
  16. incline
    to slant; to be disposed to a certain opinion, preference, or course of action
  17. acclimate
    to adapt
  18. predispose
    to make inlined to something; to make susceptible or liable
  19. deter
    to prevent or discourage from acting
  20. sporadic
    occurring at irregular inervals; having no pattern or order
  21. pugnacious
    combative in nature; belligerent
  22. erfunctory
    done routinely with little care/interest; indifferent
  23. daunt
    to discourage; to deter
  24. enthrall
    to captivate; to enslave
  25. felicitous
    admirably suited
  26. timorous
  27. audacious
    fearless; bold
  28. clarif
    to make clear
  29. indiscriminate
    without prejudice
  30. regressive
    tending to return or revert; degenerating
  31. overwrought
    excessively nervous or excited; agitated
  32. extemporize
    to do/perform something without prior preparation/practice
  33. altruism
  34. malfeasance
    misconduct or wrongdoing (esp by public official)
  35. temperance
    moderation and self restraint in behavior/expression
  36. transgression
    violation of law, command, or duty
  37. foible
    minor weakness or failing of character
  38. mandate
    authoritative command/instruction
  39. economize
    to avoid waste by reducing expenditure; to make cost-effective use of
  40. deiversify
    to give variety to; to differentiate
  41. forgo
    to give up, renounce, or resign
  42. sedentary
    sitting posture; accustomed to rest & little exercise
  43. dissolute
    given to immoral/improper conduct
  44. augment
    to make larger
  45. relinquish
    to renounce/surrender; to give up
  46. itinerant
    traveling from place to place
  47. adhere
    to stay attached; to stick/cling to
  48. precocious
    advanced or mature in development relative to one's age
  49. ludicrous
    causing laughter b/c of absurdity
  50. intractable
  51. dire
    urgent; desperate
  52. endorse
    to support
  53. tyranny
    gvmt where single ruler has absolute power
  54. banter
    good humored, playful convo
  55. libel
    defamation; slander
  56. bombast
    pompous in speech/writing
  57. blather
    foolish talk; nonsense
  58. adament
    unshakable in purpose, determination, or opinion; unyielding
  59. recalcitrance
    stubborn resistance; defiance of authority
  60. affluence
    abundance; wealth; great quantity
  61. moribund
    about to die
  62. spurious
    false; not genuine
  63. disenchant
    to free from illusion/false belief
  64. peeve
    to annoy or cause resentment
  65. assuage
    to pacify or ccalm
  66. beguile
    to deceive by trickery
  67. whimsical
  68. protege
    one under the care and protection of another
  69. overweening
    arrogant; excessive
  70. partisan
    fervent supporter of a party, cause, faction, person, or idea
  71. imperturbable
    unshakably calm and collected
  72. nonsensical
    foolish; absurd
  73. austere
    sever or stern; strict
  74. invoke
    to appeal to (outside agent/authority) for conformation
  75. marginal
    close to limit
  76. paramount
    supreme in rank, power, or authority
  77. disparage
    to bellittle
  78. extol
    to exalt; praise highly
  79. pretext
  80. terminate
    to destroy; to finish or conclude
  81. resusciate
    to revive
  82. subsistence
    the means by which one maintains life
  83. frivolous
  84. gratify
    to please/satisfy
  85. adulation
    excessive flattery/admiration
  86. leery
    wary or suspicious
  87. hapless
  88. complicit
    choosing to be involved in illegal/questionable activity
  89. commending
    presenting, mentioning, or praising as worthy of merit
  90. onerous
    burdensome; troublesome; oppressive
  91. strenous
    characterized by vigorous exertion
  92. debilitate
    to make weak
  93. unstinting
    to be frugal
  94. refine
    bring to fine/pure state; free from impurities
  95. roam
    to travel or walk with no fixed purpose
  96. lobbyist
    person who tries to influence on behalf of special interest
  97. detractor
    one who distracts/diverts
  98. rhetorical
    concerned with style or effect
  99. subsequent
    following order of succession
  100. homogeneous
    composed of parts/elements that are all of the same kind
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